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Trump and the GOP Face Voter Fraud, as well as Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube Firing Tomahawk Missiles at the Heart of First Amendment Free Speech

TODAY, CONSERVATIVES CAN CELEBRATE KEY PRIMARY VICTORIES. But we need to be aware that the mid-term elections are critically important -- not only for the GOP and President Trump but for the American Republic. • • • THE TUESDAY PRIMARY RESULTS. There were key Republican primaries and in each, President Trump was a winner. Trump’s endorsements paid off as Senate candidate Iraq veteran John James beat Sandy Pensler in the Michigan Republican primary and Trump ally Chris Kobach holds a lead in the Kansas Republican gubernatorial primary, though final results have not been declared. State Attorney General Bill Schuette won the Republican nomination for governor of Michigan, defeating three other candidates vying to fill the seat to be vacated by conservative Governor Rick Snyder. Schuette was endorsed by President Trump, who tweeted his congratulations to Schuette following the victory. • AND, in the special election to fill the vacant seat in Ohio's 12th congressional district, Republican state senator Troy Balderson has declared victory, although with a slight edge, in what could be a disappointment for Democrats, but a potential warning sign for the GOP. With 100% of precincts reporting, Balderson led the race by nearly 1,800 ballots in a deep red district that Trump won by 11 points in the 2016 election. Balderson is expected to take the House seat abandoned by Republican Rep. Pat Tiberi, who announced his resignation in October, midway through his term. The 12th District has been a Republican stronghold for more than 30 years. It could signal another competitive contest between O'Connor and Balderson when they meet again in the November 6 general election. With over 3,000 provisional and more than 5,000 absentee ballots still not reviewed, a recount, which would occur if the difference between the two candidates was half a point or less, cannot be ruled out. In a victory speech, Balderson thanked his district voters at #OH12 and he thanked President Trump. • • • WHY DOES THE MID-TERM MATTER SO MUCH? Well, for starters ,consider this. New York Republican Representative Christopher Collins -- the first member of Congress to endorse candidate Trump -- has today been indicted on insider trading charges, according to federal prosecutors. The indictment also names his son and the father of his son’s fiancĂ©e. The fraud counts relate to securities of an Australian biotechnology company called Innate Immunotherapeutics, an Australian biotechnology company on whose board of directors Chris Collins served. According to the charging documents, Chris Collins, one of the largest shareholders in the company, passed on information about a failed drug trial so that his son, Zarsky and others could make trades. By selling stock before the results of the trial were publicly released, the three ment and other unnamed people avoided $768,000 in losses. Attorneys Jonathan Barr and Jonathan New, Baker Hostetler released a statement on behalf of the Congressman : "We will answer the charges filed against Congressman Collins in Court and will mount a vigorous defense to clear his good name. It is notable that even the government does not allege that Congressman Collins traded a single share of Innate Therapeutics stock. We are confident he will be completely vindicated and exonerated. Congressman Collins will have more to say on this issue later today." If that reminds us of Dinesh D'Souza-s trial and conviction for violating federal election campaign laws, it should. D-Souza is a conservative and an early supporter of cnadidatze Trump. The Deep State lives and it will hound and jail all Trump supporters, if it can. And, the propagandist ProgDem media will support such Deep State political trials as "just doing their job." • • • THE DEEP STATE IGNORES VOTER FRAUD. While it pursues Republicans ans conservatives for any slight error, the Deep State completely ignores the rampant and growing voter fraud in the US. • The Washington Times reported on July 31that : "Noncitizens across US find it easy to register to vote, cast ballots. A Russian national or any other noncitizen can easily influence a US election by simply registering to vote in California -- just ask Elizaveta Shuvalova. Ms. Shuvalova said she didn’t even know her name was added to the San Francisco voter rolls in 2012, when she was a 21-year-old Russian citizen living legally in the US but ineligible to vote. 'I’ve never registered for anything in my entire life,' said Ms. Shuvalova, who became a US citizen early last year. 'This is news to me.' " The Washington Times obtained a San Francisco County voter log that detailed Shuvalova’s registration history and presented the document to her. It showed that she signed up as a Democrat in July 2012 and that her registration was canceled in May 2016 after she told election officials she wasn’t a citizen. Her registration, as a Republican, was reactivated in March 2017. Shuvalova said : “This is definitely a shocker to me. It is like an identity fraud because this is not coming from my end.” Shuvalova, who now lives in New York, works as a personal trainer and calls herself a Democrat added : “Like I told you, I haven’t even been a citizen during that time frame. So what can we do about it?” • How did Elizaveta Shuvalova become registered in California without a citizenship check? Conservative watchdogs say the problem is surprisingly common across the country. Noncitizens are signing up to vote in states including Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Virginia, according to research by the Public Interest Legal Foundation, a nonprofit law firm that advocates for election integrity. The foundation found that a large percentage of those noncitizens managed to cast ballots, too. Shuvalova was registered -- possibly without her knowledge -- by an organization circulating a petition for a 2013 ballot initiative to stop a massive condominium development on the San Francisco waterfront. A signed registration card was submitted with the petition to qualify Ms. Shuvalova as a petition signer, said John Arntz, director of the San Francisco Department of Elections. Activists often hand in stacks of registration cards with their petitions, he said. Election officials say they conduct routine cross-references of voter registration information with databases at the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles and the secretary of state’s office but did not flag Shuvalova as a noncitizen. The box for “vote by mail” was checked on her registration card, and the county began sending her ballots. County records show she received nine ballots but never voted. The only ballot returned to the election office was in May 2016, a month before the state’s Democratic primary, with the words “not citizen” written on it. Her self-identification as a noncitizen was noted on the voter log. The county canceled Ms. Shuvalova’s registration at that time. Yet she was somehow reregistered again a year later, about the time she became a citizen. Four months later, she moved to New York but remained on the California voter rolls. Shuvalova told the Washiongotn Times that she doesn’t recall registering to vote either time or returning the ballot saying she wasn’t a citizen. Arntz said nothing would have prevented Shuvalova from voting prior to 2016 and she would have remained on the voter rolls if his department had not received the ballot with “not citizen” scrawled across it. • But Arntz says the Shuvalova case doean't represent a broader problem : “If it was a problem, this would be an issue that comes up every election or something we would have experienced more through time. But it doesn’t. This is the first instance that I’ve actually had a conversation like this. So, no, I don’t think it is a problem. I don’t think there’s many records out there like this.” BUT, the Public Interest Legal Foundation said it already has other examples from Artz. Logan Churchwell, communications and research director for the foundation, said Shuvalova’s file was one of more than two dozen records gleaned from San Francisco, based on a request for other self-reported noncitizens. In six of those cases, the noncitizen also had a voting history. Chruchill told the Washington Times : "Our voter registration system masks noncitizens and allows the opportunity to vote until they decide to self-report at their own peril. All of this could have been prevented if states actually verified citizen eligibility upfront." • In response to the inquiries by the Washington Times, Arntz said the Shuvalova case would be forwarded to San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon for review. Arntz said : "This voter did not recall completing a registration affidavit in 2012. So then the question would go potentially to whoever organized the petition circulation.” Mr. Arntz said he was almost certain that nobody had been prosecuted in San Francisco for being a noncitizen on the voter rolls during his 16 years at the department : “I can’t remember forwarding an allegation that someone was a noncitizen who registered to vote or did vote.” • BUT, we rememberthat California is now issuing driver's licenses to illegal immigrants and a driver's license will automatically enroll the holder as a voter. Nice work, Governor Brown. • Before rushing to say 'oh yeah, we all know California is socialist,' consider that in the recent Georgia primary, 670 ballots were cast in a precinct with 276 registered voters. The northeastern Georgia precinct located in Habersham County had 276 registered voters before the state’s primary elections at the end of May, but 670 votes were recorded -- indicating that 276% of voters turned out in Georgia’s primary election, according to McClatchy media. The recently publicized voting irregularities come as the state investigated other instances of voter fraud -- including one where an Atlanta City Hall staffer claimed she had to “print and deliver 500 blank absentee ballots” to an advocacy group staffer and pick up additional ballots from the Atlanta mayor’s campaign office to drop them off at an office in Fulton County. Part of the reason for the increase in voter fraud claims stems from concerns about the security of Georgia’s electronic voting systems, as Georgia is one of a handful of states, including New Jersey, South Carolina, Delaware, and Louisiana, that uses electronic voting machines that do not produce a paper trail for voters to verify their ballots. Elections experts say the lack of a paper trail makes the ballots difficult to audit. • The latest revelations of voter fraud come soon after the release of "Fraud : How the Left Plans to Steal the Next Election," a new book by Eric Egger, the Government Accountability Institute’s (GAI) research director. Egger’s book points out that voter fraud is increasingly common and encouraged by left-wing mega-donors like George Soros, who support organizations that commit voter fraud. The book also notes that enough voter fraud has been documented to swing a presidential election and is enough of a problem that it could impact the 2018 midterm elections. • And, the vote fraudsters are getting help from Peter Fonda. reported on Tuesday that actor Peter Fonda -- with no following as an actor he has become a vocal critic of the Trump administration, conservatives, and Republicans -- "all but promoted voter fraud to help Democrats win in the elections. Don’t bother searching for it. Fonda has quickly deleted it. He didn’t delete it quickly enough, though, considering the various outlets that picked up the story up." Here is Peter Fonda's tweet : “If you have a millennial in your family, take their early ballots, fill them out and mail them in, or take the ballot to the voting place and give to the more worrying!” Fonda’s since-deleted tweet was in response to a user who claimed they were worried that their children may be “Trumpets” and vote Republican. says : "At best, Fonda was showing his utter and distinct lack at being humor. At worst, the actor was openly advocating for voter fraud. There’s no other way to describe the call for parents to vote on behalf of their eligible children than voter fraud." Despite Fonda’s hasty retraction, Twitter users still raked him over coals for his comments for advocating voter fraud. The Twitter critics are 100% correct. Disagreeing about politics is one thing. Encouraging voter fraud and actively committing felonies over political differences is an entirely different issue. We remember Fonda's June tweet, in which he recommended ripping "Barron Trump from hsi mother's arms and put him in a cage with pedophiles..." Fonda is blatantly breaking Twitter’s user agreement by promoting violence and illegal activity. BUT, unlike InfoWars, Peter Fonda has yet to be suspended or lose his blue checkmark. • Got it?? If you are a GOP vote registration official, or know one, be on alert. We can win fair elections, but voter fraud can steal even the hardest fought and deserved conservative victory. AND, it is just one more reason why getting out the vote, starting with each of us and our family and friends, will be critically important in November. • • • VOTER FRAUD IS ONT THE ONLY PROBLEM -- SILICON VALLEY SOCIAL MEDIA IS REFUSING ACCESS TO CONSERVATIVE SITES. Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and other social media platforms -- all owned and controlled by Silicon Valley Progressive socialists -- are blocking all sortso f conservative posts. The latest shocker is reported by Daily Signal's Jarrett Stepman; who reminds us that : "This week, the conspiracy website Infowars, which is run by Alex Jones, was either 'banned' or had content stripped from most social media platforms. YouTube cited 'hate speech and harassment' as reasons to remove Infowars from the platform, Apple explained that 'hate speech' wouldn’t be tolerated, and Facebook announced : 'Upon review, we have taken it down for glorifying violence...and using dehumanizing language to describe people who are transgender, Muslims and immigrants, which violates our hate speech policies.' Private companies can, of course, censor whomever they like, but the pattern of behavior from Silicon Valley toward speech in general -- and continual inability to treat conservative views fairly on their extremely powerful platforms -- is rightly concerning to conservatives who use those platforms. Infowars is hardly a conservative website, but some fear that the social media 'deplatforming' of its content will bleed over to other more mainstream outlets -- especially right-leaning ones that don’t conform with the overwhelmingly left-wing values of the tech industry. Given the vague and increasingly expanding use of the term 'hate speech,' it’s not unreasonable to think that purging Infowars is the tip of the iceberg. • Connecticut Democrat Senator Chris Murphy took to Twitter to suggest just that : "Infowars is the tip of a giant iceberg of hate and lies that uses sites like Facebook and YouTube to tear our nation apart. These companies must do more than take down one website. The survival of our democracy depends on it." • This troubling pattern of behavior from social media companies is reflected in the fact that YouTube, an internet video company, has relied on the Southern Poverty Law Center, a far-left activist organization, to police its website under the “Trusted Flaggers” program. While SPLC is often used by media companies to designate “hate groups,” it has been loose with the definition, lumping in traditional conservative and religious organizations, like the Family Research Council, in with the Ku Klux Klan and other similar groups. Another example is Google's latest fact-checking tool that almost exclusively targeted conservative publications and made some dubious claims about incorrect information on those websites. Google backed away from this fact-checking tool after it was hammered by conservative -- and even some liberal -- media outlets for displaying embarrassingly rank bias -- whether the product of faulty algorithms or perhaps other reasons. And, Facebook threatened to demonetize the satirical website The Babylon Bee after, a fact-checking website, labeled some of its content “fake news.” The article focused on a joke about CNN using a literal washing machine to “spin news,” and was quite clearly a joke. Facebook later apologized for the situation and relinquished its threat. • But, the Infowars ban comes in the wake of widespread rumors that Twitter has been “shadow banning” some prominent conservative accounts, meaning that it somehow filters out some content without outright banning accounts. Twitter has denied any kind of shadow ban, but seemed to admit just that when it said it had made it harder to find content from some conservative users : “We do not shadow ban. You are always able to see the tweets from accounts you follow (although you may have to do more work to find them, like go directly to their profile).” • Fired Google employee James Damore has warned that Google suppresses information it doesn’t agree with. • It’s fair to say that social media platforms, like Twitter, have seemed far from even-handed in how they define things like “hate speech” for liberals and conservatives. They are private, as yet unregulated companies, so they can boot out anybody they want to, but we can also react as conservatives by using other platforms -- although this is often not easy to do. There is an increasing problem with media and social media bias against conservatives that can’t simply be ignored. Bring up the issue with your local congress members. • In a turn of the tables, Daily Signal's Hans von Spakovsky reported in March that the Facebook data that was shared in 2012 with the Obama presidential campaign included data on millions of its users. Von Spkaovsly says that if this is true, Facebook may have committed "a major violation of federal campaign finance law as an illegal corporate campaign contribution. The matter should be investigated by the Federal Election Commission....A federal law bans corporations from making 'direct or indirect' contributions to federal candidates. That ban extends beyond cash contributions to 'any services, or anything of value.' In other words, corporations cannot provide federal candidates with free services of any kind." Under FEC regulations, “anything of value” includes any “in-kind contribution.” Corporations are allowed to offer their services, including office space, to federal campaigns. But the campaigns are required to pay the fair market value for such services or rental properties. Von Spakovsky says : "According to Carol Davidsen, the former media director for Obama for America, Facebook gave the 2012 Obama campaign direct access to the personal data of Facebook users in violation of its internal rules, making a special exception for the campaign. The Daily Mail, a British newspaper, reported that Davidsen said on Twitter March 18 that Facebook employees came to the campaign office and 'were very candid that they allowed us to do things they wouldn’t have allowed someone else to do because they were on our side....Facebook was surprised we were able to suck out the whole social graph, but they didn’t stop us once they realized that was what we were doing.' " Political campaigns must pay for these services. Under a Federal Election Commission regulation, giving a mailing list or something similar to a campaign is considered an “in-kind contribution.” Thus, if Facebook gave the 2012 Obama campaign free access to this type of data when it normally does not do so for other entities -- or usually charges for such access -- then Facebook would appear to have violated the federal ban on in-kind contributions by a corporation. And the Obama campaign may have violated the law by accepting such a corporate contribution. The statute of limitations may have run out on this conduct by the 2012 Obama campaign, but one thing seems certain -- Davidsen’s admissions should provide a sufficient basis for opening a federal investigation of what may have been a serious violation of the law by the Obama campaign. It should be investigated by the FEC for any routine civil violations of election law, and potentially by the Department of Justice for any intentional criminal violations of the law. • Gateway Pundit reported on Tuesday that after Facebook caved to the leftist media mob demanding censorship of InfoWars and permanently banned their page on Monday, followed by Google-YouTube. These Silicon Valley billion aire Wunderkids with the power over all major social media platforms simply went after Alex Jones and Infowars in a coordinated attack. We have to wonder if it violated antitrust laws, not to mention the First Amendment. But, Progressive Democrats (and run of the mill Dems, I suppose as well, since nobody out in the Democrat grassroost seems to be creaming foul) and their propagandist media weren't satisfied with the InfoWars scalp? They have already set their sights on a much bigger target -- FOX NEWS. GP reported that : "Facebook scheduled a public event with reporters last month to promote the new Facebook Watch video feature. The situation turned ugly when the invited 'news reporters' screamed about Facebook allowing Fox News and Infowars on their platform." Then, according to Breitbart, Ricky Van Veen, Head of Global Creative Strategy and Fidji Simo, Director of Product at Facebook, had combative exchanges with reporters at an event to promote Facebook Watch in Beverly Hills on Wednesday. The UK Daily Mail said that "the fact that far left 'reporters' called on Facebook to ban Fox News from their platform was a new leap for the American left. If Democrats and their mainstream media want Fox News eliminated from Facebook -- the largest and most successful news organization in America today -- then it is safe to say the American left wants ALL conservative publishers banned from the social media platform. • Democrat Senator Chris Murphy said as much yesterday when he called for “websites” to be taken down -- entire websites.. And last weekend New York City Democrat-socialist Mayor Bill de Blasio discussed the role of Fox News on American culture and what a wonderful world it would be if there were no voices opposing the Democrat Party’s message : “If you could remove News Corp from the last 25 years of American history, we would be in an entirely different place.” Brian Stelter asked on Tuesday "Didn’t Stalin do this? • Facebook is already working fullspeed to eliminate conservative content from its platform -- GP, IJR, CT, Liberty Headlines, Daily Caller, Breitbart among others. A Gateway Pundit June study of top conservative news outlets found that Facebook, beginning in January 2017 after the Trump election, has eliminated 93% of traffic to top conservative websites -- with 93.8 million directs to conservative news sites in January, 2017, to 6.8 million driects in May, 2018. • • • DEAR READERS, Democrats and the mainstream media are desperate, says Breitbart, to "return America back to the pre-Internet days when a very few corporations controlled the free flow of information, those corporations being the four television networks and a handful of newspapers and wire services." Conservatives now find themselves once more in the precarious position of being at the mercy of just a handful of companies -- Twitter, Facebook, Apple, YouTube, Pinterest. What Senator Murphy and his Progressive leftist comrades want, Breitbart states, is "to crush speech, to control the flow of information, to strangle certain ideas in the crib, and to use these monopolies as a way to go back to the 'good old days' when the left-wing establishment fully controlled the dissemination of news. Unfortunately, the same media outlets that claim the First Amendment is being violated whenever they are criticized, have joined in this unholy and un-American crusade to silence their critics on the political right." AND, we must add that when a US Senator calls for the suppression of the First Amendment right to Free Speech by encouraging those private media outlet giants who can do that, it is just about as "chilling" on Free Speech as anything xould be because a US Senator has the clout to threaten and regulate these corporations to do his bidding. • Alex Jones and InfoWars are the canary in the coalmine of Free Speech.Breitbart puts it clearly : "InfoWars being silenced tightens the free speech circle, brings the line closer to you and I, especially in a terrifying and chilling climate where the left-wing establishment are deciding what 'lies and hate' are. Killing the InfoWars canary, however, will also embolden the censors at CNN and those like Murphy in the political world. They see that dead canary as a success, and as a blueprint to come after the rest of us. And make no mistake, we are all next." Senator Murphy's call for entire websites to be "deplatformed" or shuyt down is astonishingly, frontally unconstitutional. In deleting their accounts, what Facebook and YouTube did to Infowars is wretchedly evil, but Jones still has his own site, his own outlet; and now we have a sitting United States Senator is calling for that to be removed. • With voter fraud gaining ground, with Democrats on a blitzkreig to defeat Republicans and gain control of the House and Senate so they can impeach President Trump, with social media working full out to blacklist and ban as many conservative messages and platform users as they can, and with the Deep State igonring their questionable activities while devoting their resources to tracking down and prosecuting anyone close to President Trump for whatever exaggerated or fictive charges they can produce -- it is time to be alert, to refuse to be bullied politically, and to be organized to get a conservative red wave to the polls in November. That work must begin now. Waiting for Mid-October will be too late. The survival of the Republic depends on us.

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  1. The whole governmental system from Dog Catchers to the highest level of Law Enforcement is serverly broken. And President is trying to keep it all together and functioning the best he can.

    He has no workable glue because the ProgDems keep breaking off and going their own destructive way. So the yarn made up of what is right and decentis all he has as a weapon to stop our demise.