Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Comey Traps Himself -- Again

TODAY'S REAL NEWS IS AN UPDATE OF EARLIER NEWS. • One of our important recent topics is back in the news. • • • COMEY'S CLASSIFIED MEMOS. Many media outlets, including Fox News, reported on Monday that TheHill has published a report on the classified contents of former FBI Director James Comey’s memos. Sean Hannity of Fox News, said : “The news appears to contradict statements made by the sacked FBI Director, who claimed during a hearing in front of the Senate intelligence committee in early June that the memos were personal in nature and not ‘government documents.’ ” Fox News also reported that former FBI Director James Comey passed on to his law professor friend memos of his meetings with President Trump that contained classified material -- four of the memos were apparently personally marked "Classified" by Comey. White House Counsellor Kellyanne Conway called the classified memo leaks "an incredible bombshell." Conway said Monday that Comey was at least violating FBI rules if the account is true : "The boy scout, choir boy defense doesn't hold up here because if it contains classified information, he is apparently violating, at the very least, what all FBI members sign -- they sign a document saying you will not do something like this. He was the director of the entire bureau. The irony to me, anyway...is that this is exactly the problem that Hillary Clinton had with her illegal server -- the handling of classified and confidential information that Jim Comey was meant to investigate, if not prosecute." Conway also noted that Comey was "admitting under oath, handing over classified information through 'private recollection' -- it doesn't matter that he calls it, it matters what it is." Conway was referring to Comey's testimony, when the fired FBI director admitted leaking his notes to a close friend with the intent to trigger an appointment of a special counsel. Conway said : "If people go back and listen to him under oath, he is admitting what his intent was. You couple that with the fact that this was classified information, I think this is what the story should be -- not all this nonsense about Russian collusion and what not." • And, President Trump on Monday accused Comey of having illegally leaked classified material, on the heels of TheHill's report saying more than half the memos Comey wrote detailing Russia-related conversations with the President contained classified information. Trump tweeted : "James Comey leaked CLASSIFIED INFORMATION to the media. That is so illegal!" • TheHill, quoting “officials familiar with the documents,” reported overnight that Comey wrote a total of seven memos describing his talks with Trump on the Russia case earlier this year -- and four of them had markings indicating they contained classified material at the “secret” or “confidential” level. • AND, despite Comey's attempt to call the memos "personal," according to the report, the FBI called all the memos, which were recently were shown to Congress, "government documents." • After Comey was fired from the FBI directorship, Comey admitted in congressional testimony that he had used an old friend at Columbia University to get his notes leaked to the New York Times about his discussions with Trump. Comey's testimony raised alarm bells for Congress, which asked for the memos to be made available to the investigating committee. • The claims in TheHill report about Comey’s memos are the same kind of allegations made against former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, whom Comey’s team investigated for mishandling classified material on her private server and email when she was Secretary of State. But, of course, when Columbia University professor Daniel Richman -- the Comey friend who leaked part of one memo to the New York Times -- was asked about the new claims of classified information being in the memos he received from Comey, Richman told Fox News : “This is a non-story. No memos were given to the press, and no memos were classified at the time I received them.” Richman also told Fox News that the “substance” of one memo was given to the press but not the physical document, adding : “That was not classified at the time, and remains unclassified.” Richman told Fox News he received four memos from Comey, all of which were not marked. Richman questioned the White House claims : “It’s kind of interesting that the White House is now suggesting they’re true.” But, we might also raise a few questions -- if Richman read Hillary's comments about "no memos were classified at the time I received them" because that has forever been her position about her emails; and, how does Richman know that any of the memos remain "unclassified"? Is Richman talking to Mueller and.or Comey and receiving yet more classified information? • Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office declined to comment on the ongoing investigation, when asked about the report in TheHill, but Mueller now has copies of the Comey Memos. • • • DEAR READERS, Several things leap out when we consider this new slant on the Comey saga. • First, how could an FBI Director be stupid enough to pass classified information, marked by himself, on to anyone who lacked a clearance to receive such materials? The answer is -- he is the same FBI Director, Comey, who seems to have perjured himself multiple times in congressional testimony and who revealed under oath that he had written apparently classified memos that he knew he had already illegally passed on to a third party not authorized to receive them. No wonder Comey didn't see anything wrong with what Hillary did -- he would soon do the same thing. Maybe Comey thinks Barack Obama and Loretta Lynch are still in charge of the Swamp. Someone should explain to him, for his own good, that there is a new sheriff in town, who is draining the Swamp. • Second, of course Professor Richman has to deny that the materials were classified -- he would be committing a crime in admitting that he knowingly received such materials, and if they were marked "Classified" by Comey, Richman would have a hard time saying he did not know it -- Hillary got away with that lie, but she is a Clinton. Would the same lie work for a "mere" law professor?? • And, finally, isn't is a grand "coincidence" that on the same news cycle that the Comey story broke, the New York Times "just happened" to report that Donald Trump Jr. and other members of the President’s inner circle met last summer with a Russian lawyer with the expectation of getting “damaging information” on Clinton -- information that, according to Trump’s son, did not materialize. What better way to deflect the negative Comey news than to raise yet another baseless allegation about Trump / Russia collusion -- this time alleging that the President's son was the supposed "colluder." This is such a standard procedure for the Progressive propagandist mainstream media that it just doesn't work anymore. Commentators are already saying there was nothing wrong with having the meeting and that no collusion occurred. According to the front-page story in the NYT, Donald Trump Jr. met with a Russian lawyer who promised to give him damaging information on Hillary. The Times naturally interpreted the meeting as an example of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin. Nonsense say members of President Trump’s legal team. Ed Klein says the meeting had all the markings of a set-up -- it appears to have been arranged by Fusion GPS, an American firm retained by Hillary’s campaign to develop opposition research on Trump. Fusion GPS was behind the now-discredited dossier concocted by a British intelligence agent to smear Trump. Can the NYT at this point do any mud-raking that would surprise us?? I doubt it. The Times lost the last shred of its journalistic credibility long ago. • Kellyanne Conway was right when she said : "If people go back and listen to him [Comey] under oath, he is admitting what his intent was. You couple that with the fact that this was classified information, I think this is what the story should be -- not all this nonsense about Russian collusion and what not." • Forget anything Comey or Richman say -- they are now targets in what should be an FBI / DOJ criminal investigation. Forget what the New York Times says -- it is in the "hate Trump" witch hunt led by Progressive Democrats eager to regain power over the express will of American voters and by #NeverTrump Republicans who are dumb enough to think their former position in the Swamp will be protected by a reinstated Progressive coup. The real news continues to be that there is No Evidence of any collusion by Trump with the Russians. The real news continues to be that Trump is hated because he is doing what he promised voters he would do -- drain the Swamp and bring back citizen-led constitutional government to the American Republic. The real news is that James Comey and Daniel Richman are in a world of trouble for the possibly illegal use of classified information and seem to be layering lies upon lies in an effort to protect themselves. The only thing we need now is for Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Senate Judiciary and Intelligence Committees to get on with doing their jobs. President Trump is busy doing his -- Make America Great Again -- and it is becoming clearer by the day that the Swamp Creatures and their MSM who still rely on old-style Washington insider political tricks -- reminds me a lot of the Vichy French police captain in "Casablanca" who kept "rounding up the usual suspects" -- are no match for our President and The People.


  1. I am getting a wee bit confused about the Comey-Clinton stories.

    Who came first to the treasonous activity of shuffling classified documents around to uncleared individuals using their own private email server systems?

    And more importantly they both had the same convoluted cover stories.

    A little Comey history - he is a long time ally of Bill and Hillary Clinton. He's always been an overrated political 'hack' attorney for both the Clinton's during their hay days in Washington DC.

    James Comey a long time ago decided to hitch his wagon to the Clinton machine and ride with the two operators from Little Rock as far as the ride was going.

    Well friends it seems that the ride for both Comey and Clinton is over. And the time to cash in James Comey 'get out of jail card free' is on the horizon, unless Ms Clinton pulls one more fast move out of her bag of tricks.

    As Abraham Lincoln first said I believe ..."you can fool some of the people all the time, all the people some of the time, but not all the people all the time."

    Hillary Clinton is out to protect herself from jail, and seems James Comey may have the information that could prosecute her big time.

  2. This story that find James Comey in bed (still after all these tease from the Gov Mansion in AK) with Bill and Hillary is a very bad rendition if the old vaudeville routine of Abbott & Costello's - 'Who's on First.' Except that was funny and nothing about the email/classified documents routine is funny at all.

    A few people have died over the broadcast of the classified material in question. Remember that - people have died. Of course following the cover-up trails of Bill and
    Hillary people also died at Benghazi, Vince Foster at the Reflection Pool in Washington DC, Bill's bombing of an aspirin factory by mistake (the factory was to be a munitions factory), and unknown lives destroyed covering up affairs and money schemes.

    Maybe if there is one person who has (and willing to share) irrefutable evidence about the Clinton's, it could be James Comey.

    Comets legal abilities has always been elevated above reality, but his loyalty to the pair from Little Rock has been without question. So logically it would follow that he does know where some truths are buried at.

  3. James Comey is the sum and total of what is wrong with the Democratic Party, and why the are years upon years from again being a major force in American politics.

    The socialist-progressive arm if the Democratic Party has been growing control for years, but on their way to domination the likes of James Comey forgot about what Americans want, demand, and shake the political tree every once-in-a-while to get.

    The American voters didn't go out and kidnap the Likes if James Comey. He sought them out. He sought political appointments out, he saw 'public service' as a road to wealth and fame. A life his floundering legal ability should have never afforded him.

    James Comey is a "HACK" in the highest level. He served his masters well and now expects protection from jail. The big question is will there be anyone forth coming to help him? After all what does he have to offer now?