Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ridding Sports of Banned Substances..Who's Kidding Whom?

Dear readers, for a long time I've been trying to develop a rational argument for the current frenzy to rid several sports of banned substances. Let's start with my stating unequivocally that I am against the recreational use of any drug except alcohol. So, anyone who finds this to be a philosophical black hole that disqualifies me from commenting on, or even voicing an opinion, about the use of "banned" substances in sports can bail out now. Okay. Here's my problem with banned substances in sports. It has become a technology-based million dollar cat-and-mouse game. The athletes use amphetamines - the sport hires doctors and scientists to devise a detection test. The athletes switch to EPO - another detection test arrives. But, the next time you hear any sports federation leader talking about banned substances, listen for a phrase like - it hurts their kills them prematurely. You won't hear this. What you hear is that all banned substances must be eliminated, even those not yet created. And, we can be sure that new banned substances will be created to stay ahead of the detection tests for already-in-use banned substances. My question is -- when tbe ultimate non-detectable, non-traceable, non-testable banned substance is created, will the world's sports federations declare total victory over banned substances and stop. Or will they move on to something else? Will they find a new athlete practice to target with technogy, something like exercises or travel timing or foods. Foods. There's an idea. All athletes eat...just like "all" athletes use banned substances. We could test for cornflakes (too much carbohydrate might disfavor those not eating cornflakes) or milk (today's wisdom is that milk's bad for adults) or eggs (oh, let's not even start on cholersterol). Maybe what really got me started down this road was deer antlers. Vijay Singh or anyone else dumb enough to believe that deer antlers can replace talent and hard work in professional sports deserves to be caught up in a phony racket that charges $900 for delivering what my hometown school friends could buy for their hunting dogs at about $5 a tube. Ain't technology grand???


  1. Never Used An Illegal Substance In My LifeMay 8, 2013 at 3:47 PM

    Maybe ... only maybe if ALL THE SPORTS ASSOCIATIONS said -Go ahead use any or all of what you want. Kill yourselves early. Die in the plush hotel we put you up in during the night. Then you will prove to the world that it was not your talent ... but the Deer talent to fix your body fast.

    And who will suffer the embarrassment of the their action ... THEIR FAMILY, because they are DEAD.

    But along with this gift to do whatever the athletes have a clause in their contract that if they are tested positive to anything on the banned list their contract is null and void, they are banned from professional sports forever and they pay back all salaries and bonus in full. They get NO medical coverage to use while dying (if death was not quick in the middle of the night). Health insurance is cancelled immediately upon detection. All trophies, rings, special individual awards are returned and wiped from the sports history.

    But wait does the problem start in the pro's or in High School and College. That's right they are hooked long before they get to the pro's. Maybe even with some over zealot parents ... grade school may be in play.

    For the most part I think this whole problem is not the 'substance abuse" but the lack of a decent, honorable, God fearing up bringing when their character and ethical standards are formed.

    It's not sports that is the culprit here it's parents that do not parent

    1. Never Used An Illegal Substance In My LifeMay 8, 2013 at 3:52 PM

      PS: I spent 48 months in Viet Nam. I wouldn't even take pain killers when i was wounded for fear it would become a habit that I couldn't handle and I would embarrass my 2 sisters and grandparents.

  2. If they're stupid enough to use it, I don't care.