Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hillary Clinton Has Already Muffed the A.M. Phone Call

Dear readers, we know that Benghazi was a very serious breach of American security and a total failure of the Obama senior team's leadership. We also know now that the first attempt to prove this beyond doubt in congressional hearings yesterday produced mixed results. The Republican House committee says its pursuit of the truth about Benghazi will continue. The Democrats say there is no smoking gun. But, the Democrats are wrong...for reasons that are remote from the Benghazi tragedy itself. The reasons are tightly tied to the 2016 presidential ambitions of Hillary Clinton, and to the determination of the Democratic Party to support her - at all costs. The reason Benghazi is critical for the future ambitions of Hillary Clinton is closely related to her own 2008 presidential campaign ads. In one, the red telephone at the bedside of the US President rings. The ad asks if the rest of America will sleep better knowing it is the "experienced and tested" Hillary Clinton and not the inexperienced and untested Barack Obama who answers. Well, dear readers, with the tragic debacle of Benghazi, under the watch of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, we have the answer. So now the question about sleeping well is answered. NOW, THE QUESTION FOR HILLARY IS: If you can't manage one attack on a US diplomatic compound, how can we trust you to manage the US or the world's security? Answering the phone at "3 am" would have been worth would have gotten Ambassador Stevens and three other American diplomats killed. Thank you, Mrs. Clinton.


  1. I don't know how Mrs. Clinton or any of them can sleep at night...

  2. Concerned CitizenMay 9, 2013 at 4:36 PM

    You are so very right on about the real meaning of these hearings.

    It's not about the deaths of Amb. Stevens and his 3 body guards.

    It is about allowing Mrs Clinton and Pres. Obama to so badly drop the ball to skirt any responsibility for theid deaths. And then to later after all their lies and deception failed for them to say ... "What's the difference now, What difference does it make".

    If the Secretary of State has to ask that question she is neither worthy of being Secretary of State, capable of being Secretary of State, or deserving of the title Secretary of State - let alone the privilege of her party's endorsement to run for the Presidency in 2016.

    This women self claimed title of being the smartest women in the world is as disgusting as her action over Benghazi. She needs to sit down with her husband and pick is brain, because she couldn't even clean his boots.