Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Message to Sessions and Congress -- Shut Down the Russia Probe, The FISA Applications Show There Is No Evidence

THE REAL NEWS TODAY IS ALL ABOUT THE FAKE RUSSIA PROBE. The ProgDems and Deep State won't stop, despite the facts that show there was no "collusion" between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election. Republican majority leaders in Congress are calling for an end to the Mueller special counsel probe but the Department of Justice is strangely silent. • • • SHOW ME THE EVIDENCE. Katie Rogers and Emily Cochrane of the New York Times wrote on Monday : “President Trump claimed without evidence on Sunday that his administration’s release of top-secret documents related to the surveillance of a former campaign aide had confirmed that the Justice Department and the F.B.I. ‘misled the courts’ in the early stages of the Russia investigation." • But, Restore American Glory asked the NYT : "Er, without evidence? The evidence IS the release of the documents! But that’s the assertion that the Times attempts to knock down for the next 1500 words, because arguing with the President of the United States is apparently now what mainstream journalism is all about." • Here's what the NYT said : "In a series of early-morning tweets, Mr. Trump left unmentioned how the documents laid out in stark detail why the FBI was interested in the former campaign advisor, Carter Page : 'The FBI believes Page has been the subject of targeted recruitment by the Russian government.' The documents also said Mr. Page had 'established relationships with Russian government officials, including Russian intelligence officers,” and had been “collaborating and conspiring with the Russian government.' ” • The NYT is right about one thing -- those allegations were included in the October 2016 application to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court for a warrant to wiretap Carter Page. What the Times did not bother to mention was that, yes, the FBI gave the FISA court those allegations about Carter Page as if they were verified facts because the FBI wanted a warrant to spy on an American citizen – and the political opponent of then-sitting President Barack Obama that Page was advising -- Donald TTrump. So, of course the FBI said what the NYT quotes -- BUT, that doesn’t make it fact, or even make it evidence. The FBI was mostly relying on the Steele Russia Dossier to make its claims -- and we now know that the FBI never vetted the Dossier properly or told the FISA court that it was a political smear job paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. • What the New York Times wrote this week showed pure bias against President Trump and conservatives. There is No Evidence. • • • THERE IS STILL NO EVIDENCE. Fix This Nation reported on Sunday that : "Thanks to Freedom of Information Act lawsuits from Judicial Watch, the New York Times, and other media outlets, the Department of Justice this weekend released more than 400 pages of FISA applications they used to secure foreign surveillance warrants against former Trump campaign consultant Carter Page. While the documents are heavily redacted, what is there for the public’s perusal proves that the FBI relied primarily on the Steele Dossier to get the warrants against Page, whom they claimed was likely working as an asset for the Russian government. This was Representative Devin Nunes’s assertion months ago in a memo that the media and Democrats insisted was a piece of partisan garbage not worth the paper it was printed on. It’s time for all of Nunes’s critics to come out and admit that he was 100% right on the money." • President Trump tweeted : "Congratulations to @JudicialWatch and @TomFitton on being successful in getting the Carter Page FISA documents. As usual they are ridiculously heavily redacted but confirm with little doubt that the Department of 'Justice’ and FBI misled the courts. Witch Hunt Rigged, a Scam!....Looking more and more like the Trump Campaign for President was illegally being spied upon (surveillance) for the political gain of Crooked Hillary Clinton and the DNC. Republicans must get tough now. An illegal scam!” • Caught in another -- and major -- set of lies about how the Obama FBI got the FISA warrants to surveil Carter Page, the mainstream media are now saying two things to try to wriggle out of their prior lies -- either they say always knew about the Dossier being 'one basis' for the warrants, or they say that in requests for renewal of the warrants the FBI must have by then collected more damaging evidence by uncovering truths in the Dossier. Again, we say, No Evidence. After two years, there is still No Evidence. Carter Page told The Daily Caller that the applications were filled with nothing but nonsense : “I’m having trouble finding any small bit of this document that rises above complete ignorance and/or insanity." AND, Carter Page still has not been charged with any crime. Why? Because there is...No Evidence. The mainstream media answer to that is that Carter Page probably was an FBI mole -- right, guys -- Give Us a Break !! • • • DEVIN NUNES SPEAKS OUT. Nunes says he's "completely vindicated" by the released FISA warrant. Sean Hannity interviewed Nunes, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, on Tuesday evening. Fox News published a "rush transcript" on Wednesday morning. It contains Hannity's conversation with Nunes. In his opening monologue, Hannity said : "It is the biggest political scandal in modern America history. The FISA warrant is now out, and yes, we on this program were right. The Trump campaign was spied on by Obama's Justice Department using Russian lies, bought and paid forward by the DNC, and Hillary Clinton to obtain a FISA warrant against Trump campaign associate Carter Page, all in an attempt to rig, steel, whatever adjective you want, a presidential election....the mainstream media, they could care less about any of this as they have been peddling the American people lies, conspiracy theories, and anti-Trump hate since even before Donald Trump was ever elected. Instead, they are once again in panic crisis mode over the President's push to remove top security clearances from whom? Many of the former Deep State Obama era officials who propagated all of these Russian lies that were found in Hillary's bought and paid for a dirty Dossier, and by the way, are still to this day politicizing and weaponizing the powerful tools of intelligence. It's all happening on fake news CNN, conspiracy TV MSNBC." • Hannity points out, as our Blog has been doing for a year, that : "The now infamous Clinton dirty Dossier was the single key piece of evidence that was used in four FISA applications by the FBI in order to spy on Trump campaign associates and, of course, the President- elect, and now the President, Donald Trump. Without the Dossier, there would be no FISA warrant against Carter Page....This is an irrefutable fact. And, of course, we all know that this dirty Dossier was created by a former foreign spy Christopher Steele who ultimately really was paid by Hillary Clinton and the DNC, all to dig up dirt and lies on Donald Trump. In other words, it was political op research, filled with...lies that even Steele himself has admitted was totally unverified and uncorroborated. And he even said at best, it was raw intelligence and only had a 50/50 chance of being true, most of which has now been totally debunked. And yet, it was passed off to you the American people and FISA court judges as real, credible evidence by top FBI, DOJ officials to obtain the FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign associate at the height of a presidential election in 2016." • Hannity calls it a "national abhorrent abuse of power and very dangerous to our constitutional Republic, all an attempt to turn the full force of your government against one person and of course, the people that supported him, Donald Trump with a vengeance. And this, by the way, all after top officials literally rig the investigation to save Hillary Clinton from certain indictments -- warranted indictments, necessary indictments, if we have equal justice under the law and equal application of our laws." • Hannity then interviewed "the man at the center of it all, former Trump campaign associate, and he is the man mentioned in all four FISA applications, Carter Page." Here is the Fox News rush transcript of their conversation : "HANNITY: You went to Russia a lot. PAGE: Yes. HANNITY: Spent years there. PAGE: Yes. HANNITY: How many times you have to go there and did you get debriefed by our intelligence agencies, CIA FBI, et cetera? PAGE: I lost track of time. You know, they -- whenever they asked questions, I was always ready to offer. HANNITY: And you love your country? PAGE: No question. HANNITY: Were you approached to be a spy? PAGE: Never in my life, no. HANNITY: How do you respond to the characterization of you in the FISA warrants? PAGE: You know, it's just an unhidden attack -- way of attacking the Trump campaign. I mean, it's very clear, particularly given, as you said, the connection with the dodgy Dossier. So -- HANNITY: All right. So, let me -- so in June of 2016, you are still a Trump campaign associate at that point? PAGE: Yes. HANNITY: OK, you go to Moscow. Who specifically invited you to Moscow? PAGE: The university, New Economics -- HANNITY: No, who? Name, I want the name. PAGE: It was the rector. So -- HANNITY: Do you remember his name? PAGE: Shlomo Weber, he's the rector. HANNITY: Shlomo Weber. Why did Shlomo Weber invite you? PAGE: I have dealt with a lot of Russian scholars over the years. I did my PhD at the University of London, and I've spoken at most of the top universities in Moscow, New Economics School, Moscow State University, the MDMO, all of them. HANNITY: OK. And all of this time, whenever your government asked to debrief you, you would tell them? PAGE: Absolutely. HANNITY: Did you work for the government? Our government? PAGE: Well, I served five years in the US Navy. Absolutely. HANNITY: You know I am not asking that question. You're smart. Did you work for our intelligence agencies? PAGE: I was always -- you know, if they had questions, I was always willing to help out. HANNITY: I didn't ask if they had questions. Did you work for our intelligence agencies? PAGE: I was never paid. I was never paid for any intelligence. HANNITY: Were you given direction by our intelligence agencies ever if they wanted you to do things? PAGE: No. HANNITY: never? PAGE: No. HANNITY: They never when you were on the trip said, by the way, would you mind looking into this? PAGE: They said, you know, keep -- there was always an understanding that I would be an open book and willing to help. I think that there is so much misunderstanding I think as we saw in Helsinki last week that I was always ready and willing to provide some full details whenever -- HANNITY: How did Christopher Steele know you were there? PAGE: That's a great question. That's a great question. Well, you know, I think his piece came out after I had already left, and, you know, it had been in a few -- HANNITY: Who could have -- who could have informed Steele on that? Because that's an important question. PAGE: We'll see. You know -- HANNITY: Because of what they are saying about you, they are basically saying, well -- and by the way, if you are such a bad person, why are you here on this set and not in jail? PAGE: Again, "The Washington Post" -- they had a big leak that to last June that I spent 10 hours talking to the FBI. And, you know, again like I mentioned, I'm always willing to talk to, you know, our federal agents. HANNITY: Did you talk to Mueller's team? PAGE: You know, that's -- according to various leaks in "The New York Times" and "Washington Post" last year I supposedly did. I won't deny that. So -- HANNITY: Is there an ongoing investigation into you or is this hyperbole in the FISA warrants to get to Trump? PAGE: Those are old FISA -- I think that the last one ended -- HANNITY: Rod Rosenstein signed the last one. PAGE: In June, in June of 2017, yes. HANNITY: Uh-huh. What are your thoughts about that? Do you feel that they have taken away your rights? Will you sue the government? PAGE: I'm already suing the government in the Southern District of New York. I just want to $1 and some honesty. HANNITY: All right. Thank you for being with us. Appreciate it." • What we learn from this interview is that Carter Page was regularly debriefed by the FBI -- but never worked for pay or had specific instructions from the FBI -- because his business took him to Moscow regularly. Page said he does not know -- or perhaps is not yet willing to say -- how Christopher Steele knew he was in Moscow in June, 2016. We also learned that Page spoke to the Mueller team, but Page only confirmed that by saying he would not deny media reports that he had. • And, then, Hannity interviewed Devin Nunes. Here is the Fox News rush transcript of their conversation : "HANNITY: All right. Joining us now with reaction to my opening monologue, my interview with Carter Page, is the House Intel Committee chairman, California Congressman Devin Nunes. Congressman, the memo now has been totally and completely corroborated by you and people like Adam Schiff to me have been proven to be one of the biggest liars in the country. I won't drag you into politics that the political commentary. Let me get your reaction. Number one, it was the bulk of information used to get a FISA warrant, Clinton's Dirty dossier, full of Russian lies, you just heard Carter Page. Your thoughts? REP. DEVIN NUNES, R CALIF., HOUSE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN: Let's start with most people in the media never even bothered to read our three-page memo that was designed to be just a short compilation to protect sources and methods, because we only wanted to get out the main points. Which were what? That they used the Dossier, the dirt from the Clinton campaign to make up the bulk of the FISA application. As a matter of fact, they lead with it in the FISA application. So, that's what we really wanted to get out to the American people, because we believe at that time that most Americans would agree, and I think that they would agree, if journalism wasn't so dead, as you said in your monologue. Most Americans, when you talk to them and they are not watching the other cable news networks, and you talk to them about is it OK for me as a politician to go out and pay someone to dig up dirt on my opposing candidate -- whether it is running for president, governor or president or something else and feed it to the FBI? An FBI that's controlled by my own party. That only happens in the banana republic. So, that was the point of the memo, and it's sad that the media has failed to cover it. But what's even more surprising now is now that we've been totally vindicated with the release of this FISA, just the pieces of the FISA applications over the weekend, you continue to see the media -- they're going absolutely crazy. And I have never seen anything like it. And I just -- I think your -- like you said, journalism is dead in this country and I don't know what to do about it. HANNITY: You know, what is ironic in all of this, if Hillary funnels money through a law firm, they hire an op research firm. I have no problem with op research. That's politics. And then they hire a foreign national. I thought foreign nationals weren't supposed to impact our elections. But the Dossier, according to Steele himself, in an interrogatory in Great Britain, he says it's raw intelligence, never verified, never corroborated. But everybody that signed off on that warrant signed off on unverified, uncorroborated Russian lies that were literally designed to really steal an election after they rigged an investigation into what is irrefutable crimes incontrovertible evidence of obstruction and violation of the Patriot Act by Hillary. NUNES: Well, if you could-- HANNITY: And I'm just wondering how does our constitutional Republic survive? NUNES: Well, it can't survive without a-- HANNITY: If this happens here? NUNES: It cannot survive without a free and open press actually doing their job. So let's just talk about the obvious thing that is out there that you are alluding to, and that is that the very thing that the Mueller investigation is all about is to see if the Trump campaign colluded with Russians to get dirt on Hillary and use it against her. Now, we actually know that that is exactly what Hillary Clinton did. Hillary Clinton paid people with intermediaries that got dirt from Russians to use it against Donald Trump. HANNITY: Yes. NUNES: I mean, that's what happened. So let's start there, but then let's go with some of the other nonsense that you're seeing now. You actually have people out there in the media, mainstream media that are now talking about, well, the regs don't necessarily say that you have to verify all the evidence. Well, look, I think that is crazy talk. You absolutely should have to verify and validate the evidence that you are using to have probable cause when you go to a secret court to spy on an American citizen. HANNITY: But they fed the courts Russian lies bought and paid for by the opposition candidates and they purposefully didn't inform the court. NUNES: Then-- HANNITY: No one would ever approve these warrants if they knew the truth. NUNES: They went out of their way not to do it. So that's another point that they've been trying to make. So they went out of their way, instead of saying candidate two paid for this -- paid for this dirt on candidate one. Candidate two would've been Hillary Clinton. That would've been a very simple way to describe it in the FISA application for the judge. Now here is something that actually my colleagues, Mr. Gowdy and Mr. Ratcliffe from Texas who did allow these FISA warrants in his career and have the opportunity to look at this in quite detailed, he continually makes a point, which is a very good one. It's not so much how wrong it is and what they put into the FISA applications, that's really bad. But what's even worse is the exculpatory evidence that they left on the cutting room floor. HANNITY: Wow. NUNES: So, for example, for example, there is something really important, if you have the information that you have with Bruce Ohr, OK, who is at the heart of this, because his wife was working for Fusion GPS. The Bruce Ohr information, he knew that Christopher Steele didn't like Trump and didn't want Trump to win. The FBI had that-- HANNITY: That's how they put it together. NUNES: That's right. HANNITY: What you did is to help this democratic Republic survive, I actually worry about this abuse of power, I worry about a corrupt media, we are not going to stop on this program. Thank you for all you have done, Mr. Chairman. Thank you." • What we learn from the Nunes interview is that the FBI used unverified allegations from an unverified political opposition Dossier paid for by one candidate and party (Hillary and the DNC) to convince the FISA court to issue a warrant to spy on an American (Carter Page) who was part of a the other candidate's (Trump) presidential campaign. • • • NUNES CALLS OUT THE OBAMA SURVEILLANCE SCHEME. In early July, House Intellingece Committee chairman Devin Nunes wrote a letter to Oversight and Judiciary Committee Chairmen Trey Gowdy and Bob Goodlatte about the Obama administration's covert spying operations against Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Nunes asked Gowdy and Goodlatte to call 10 former Obama State Department officials to testify about abuses in deploying surveillance to spy on Trump’s Presidential campaign. Nunes wrote : "During this investigation, the committee discovered matters that likely fall iwhtin the purview of the Joint Task Force on the Committees on Oversight & Government Reform and the Judiciary. For the sake of transparency, and to keep the American people as fully informed as possible, the Task Force should consider interviewing these poeple in an open setting." • There have been several scandals regarding the Obama administration and surveillance on the Trump campaign. Obama's UN Ambassador Samantha Powers and former National Security Advisor Susan Rice were caught up in the scandal with neither one providing convincing evidence to exonerate themselves. Then, it was revealed that the FBI -- under the leadership of disgraced former Director James Comey -- used the Fake News Christopher Steele Russia Dossier as the basis for obtaining a FISA warrant to spy on former Trump campaign aide Carter Page. Then it was revealed that the FBI deployed a spy (American Stefan Halper, a professor at Cambridge University in the UK) to try and infiltrate the Trump campaign. The spy began contacting Trump campaign associates before the FBI claimed the investigation officially started. This made critics question whether the spy’s true purpose was to dangle in front of theTrump team the possibility of obtaining damaging information on Clinton from the Russians in order to frame the Trump campaign for collusion. Then, key Obama officials admitted meeting with Christopher Steele during the 2016 election -- Steele, the ex-British spy, briefed members of the Obama administration before the presidential election on his findings that became the infamous Trump-Russia Dossier. • Now, Devin Nunes is trying to get answers to several questions -- who in the Obama administration had access to the Steele dossier? how did they make use of the information presented to them? did they deploy the gossip Steele handed over as part of any surveillance campaign? was Barack Obama briefed on these meetings? • It will assuredly become an unprecedented US political scandal when these questions are answered. The Obama administration’s surveillance abuses are the real scandal and an honest special counsel would be turning the Obama administration upside down instead of using Fake allegations of Russian collusion to stage a coup against President Trump. • A month go, the President said it himself, tweeting : "So President Obama knew about Russia before the Election. Why didn't he do something about it? Why didn't he tell our campaign? Because it is all a big hoax, that’s why, and he thought Crooked Hillary was going to win!!!" • • • THE PROGDEMS KEEP GOING AFTER TRUMP USING RUSSIA. When it is the Democrats who have had questionable relationships with Russia and Putin. • Newt Gingrich told Fox News last week : "First, the very people who have been loudest in attacking President Trump about his performance at the Helsinki summit are the people who failed to protect America from Russian meddling in 2016. The very intensity and nastiness of former CIA Director Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence Clapper is an attempt to distract attention from their failure to protect America. It was their duty in 2016 -- not candidate Trump’s. Second, the Trump administration has been far tougher on Russia than President Obama ever dreamed of being. The Trump administration is taking real actions designed to weaken Russia and force Putin to change his aggressive behavior. The Trump administration has levied tough sanctions on Russia. Also, President Trump’s public lecture about Germany not buying natural gas from Russia was aimed at cutting Putin off from hard currency worth tens of billions of dollars and further weakening the Russian economy. Furthermore, President Trump’s efforts to get our European allies to increase their defense spending has a direct impact on Putin. The stronger NATO is, the less maneuvering room Russia has." Gingrich said : "Where President Obama refused to provide serious weapons to the Ukrainians to help them defend themselves (his response was weakness on a pathetic scale), President Trump has approved the sale of offensive weapons to enable the Ukrainians to increase the cost of Russian aggression. When the Russians used chemical weapons in Great Britain, President Trump joined our allies and expelled 60 Russian intelligence officers from the United States. When the Russians retaliated, the Trump administration closed the Russian consulate in Seattle. President Trump had previously shuttered the Russian consulate in San Francisco and smaller annexes in Washington and New York. More than 100 Russian individuals and companies have been sanctioned for a variety of reasons. Despite the hysteria of the left, it is impossible to see the Trump administration as anything but firm in its dealing with Russia. Nothing done in Helsinki made life easier for the Putin regime in its continued economic decay and diplomatic isolation due to the sanctions regime. • Newt Gingrich lays it on the line : "Whatever the Russians did, they did while Brennan was director of the CIA, Clapper was director of national intelligence, and James Comey was head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. These former officials attack Trump ferociously to hide their own failure and their own guilt. Just keep that in mind the next time you see one of them on TV." • Hillary Clinton bashed President Trump over his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin last week, but failed to mention her own interactions with Putin as Secretary of State. Nobody has lambasted Hillary for talking to Putin as part of her official role. But, if we fast-forward to today, we would think Hillary never even spoken to Putin, when she said last Saturday : "The great mystery is why this President has not spoken up for our country, and we saw this most clearly in this recent meeting with Putin. So this idea that somehow we are not sure where our own President stands is deeply disturbing.” And later, Hillary tweeted so piously : "Great World Cup. Question for President Trump as he meets Putin : Do you know which team you play for?" [What team were you playing for, Hillary, when you sold 20% of America's uranium to Russian companies?] • There is also the infamous tweet of John Brennan -- Obama's CIA director -- calling President Trump's news conference in Helsinki "treasonous." This is the same John Brennan who has admited to egging on the FBI's probe of Trump and Russia. The Wall Street Jounral's Kimberley Strassel recently wrote of Brennan : "Before his nomination as CIA director, he served as a close Obama advisor. And the record shows he went on to use his position -- as head of the most powerful spy agency in the world -- to assist Hillary Clinton’s campaign (and keep his job). Mr. Brennan has taken credit for launching the Trump investigation. At a House Intelligence Committee hearing in May 2017, he explained that he became 'aware of intelligence and information about contacts between Russian officials and US persons.' The CIA can’t investigate US citizens, but he made sure that 'every information and bit of intelligence' was 'shared with the bureau,' meaning the FBI. This information, he said, 'served as the basis for the FBI investigation.' My sources suggest Mr. Brennan was overstating his initial role, but either way, by his own testimony, he as an Obama-Clinton partisan was pushing information to the FBI and pressuring it to act." • As American Thinker's Thomas Lifson noted : "Democrats alleging that President Trump is treasonously collaborating with Russia are like a guy with three mistresses haranguing a married pal for ogling a pretty girl that he passes on the street. By raising the subject, they tread on thin ice, and seem blissfully unaware of the many skeletons in their own closet....The Democrat-MSM complex depends for its effectiveness on people being completely oblivious to the past. But life is not like that. Bernie Sanders honeymooned in the USSR, for crying out loud! Consciously or not, President Trump has once again provoked his enemies to attack him on grounds that do not bear scrutiny." • • • DEAR READERS, it is no wonder Sean Hannity called out on Wednesday for Americans to mobilize : "We call on everybody to demand the release of all 589 pages of these FISA documents, unredact, everything possible and, of course, our god-given rights as Americans are now on the line here, if we are to remain a free've got the media carrying water for their beloved Barack Obama -- in other words, finishing the job. They did eight consecutive years of kissing his a**. Why should they stop now? And as we speak, they are in full-on freak-out mode that several former high ranking Deep State government bureaucrats all, who propagated the Russian lies found in Hillary's bought and paid for Dossier might actually lose their precious security clearances. So, this week, rightly, the Trump administration announced that it was literally looking to strip top-secret government access from all those deep state actors, including Clapper, and Brennan, and Rice, Michael Hayden, and yes, James Comey and Andrew McCabe. And now, predictably, Democrats in the media -- they are once again peddling this move from President Trump as another oh, my gosh, earth-shattering, feign outrage moment, an unprecedented abuse of power. In other words, their typical daily Donald Trump freak-out." • Leave it to Nancy Pelosi to foolishly label it for what it WAS, not is -- and indicting her own Democrat Party in the process : "This is so extraordinary, the last thing you want in intelligence is partisanship." • Oh how right you are, Nancy. So, you now ought to yank the likes of former CIA Director John Brennan out of public view and call for his secuerity clearance to be revoked. He hates Donald Trump. He is a former communist. He has had connections with the Moslem Brotherhood. How he became a CIA director is a mystery. Well, it isn't really. He is the product of the Obama Deep State -- a paid hack who now blasts out his hatred on TV. But during his time as the CIA director, Hannity says : "Brennan actually leaked the contents of this Dossier before the election to then Senator Harry Reid who then subsequently alerted the public and an open letter to James Comey. Really, the CIA director? Sounds like the Pravda, sounds like the KGB." • Current CNN national security analyst James Clapper was director of national intelligence during the Obama administration. Before that, he was director of the Defense Intelligence Agency under the first President Bush and Bill Clinton. General Clapper joining the Air Force in 1963, served two tours of combat during the Vietnam. He's the recipient of an Air Force Distinguished Medals, two Defense Distinguished Medals and three Distinguished Service Medals for National Intelligence. As Obama's head of intelligence, Clapper actually wrote : "Unauthorized disclosures of classified information, including leaks of classified information to the media endanger vital intelligence sources and methods, and damage international relationships, aggressive action is required to better equip the United States government, elements to prevent unauthorized disclosures." What happened to Clapper's concerns for national security clearances. Neither Clapper nor Brennan should have any access to US government secrets. • Senator Rand Paul found the fact that Brennan still has a security clearance 'alarming.' He spoke to President Trump, who is now looking into revoking the security clearances of several top Obama-era intelligence and law enforcement officials, according to White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, who accused them on Monday accusing them of having "politicized" or "monetized" their public service. • Where do Americans stand on the politicizing of the FBI? A Pew Research Center poll taken from July 11 to 15 finds that : "Republicans, once solid backers of law enforcement, have turned against the FBI in the past year, suggesting that President Donald Trump’s attacks on the bureau and its leadership have had a significant impact. By contrast, views of most other federal agencies have held steady or improved....For most of the past decade, however, the FBI’s image soared above the typical partisan divide. About 7 in 10 Americans, regardless of party, had a positive impression of the bureau, with the rest dividing among negative feelings and no opinion. That bipartisan consensus started to break down in 2016, likely reflecting the belief among many Republicans that the FBI was failing to pursue examples of wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton. That small shift turned into a big one after Trump’s inauguration. In his first year, Trump fired FBI Director James B. Comey Jr. and repeatedly accused the bureau of participating in a “witch hunt” because of its probe into his campaign’s possible links to Russian interference in the 2016 election. Since early 2017, backing for the FBI among people who identify themselves as Republicans or independents who lean toward the GOP has dropped 16 points. Republicans now divide about evenly in their views of the FBI, 49% favorable, 44% unfavorable, down from roughly 3 to 1 support just a year ago, while more than 75% of Democrats now have a favorable view of the FBI." • And, finally, in the midst of this barrage of new and mounting factual detail about the illegal political use of the FBI by the Obama Deep State to destroy Donald Trump and his team, we must ask once more -- Where are you, Attorney General Jeff Sessions? Your own Department of Justice has released applications used by the Obama government to illegally justify the FISA surveillance warrant against Carter Page, a former campaign advisor to then-candidate Donald Trump. Where are you ???


  1. A Tool 4 FreedomJuly 25, 2018 at 3:12 PM

    Nit that I’m a lawyer, but the FISA Application should have never been processed or approved.

    Want to investigate let’s go back to the Clintons, Obama, FBI, Justice Department, and the FUSA Judge who granted the application.

  2. Today’s political camps are moved by loyalty to some group, rather than by commitment to an ideological principle as in the past.

    Reliance on emotion in politics is a problem as we can see when demagogues whip up chanting crowds whose members are united by little more than their hatred for the other view.

  3. Suffice it to say, though, that few things are able to bankrupt a wealthy and powerful nation such as the United States quite as quickly as the failed system of socialism.

    Democrats would do well to listen to Comey on this issue, no matter how poor his judgment on other matters has been. So far, though, they don’t seem to be very receptive to the advice that the disgraced former FBI director is giving them. His tweet urging Democrats to steer clear of socialism was met with immediate backlash from the left, with even Brian Fallon, the press secretary for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, tweeting back at Comey, “Democrats don’t want your endorsement, but thanks.”

    As the liberal media continues to flock over Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other socialists like her, no one on the left seems to be able to see the writing on the wall: if the Democratic Party embraces socialism, either the party will fail thanks to American voters willing to fight socialism at all costs or the country will fail thanks to inevitable results that socialism brings every single time it is implemented.

    Republicans who are already rolling out campaign ads tying the entire Democratic Party to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her socialist comrades are hoping that it’s just the Democratic Party that socialism ends up destroying rather than the entire nation. Anyone who knows anything about socialism and its consequences is hoping for the same.

  4. Granted there seems to absolutely no evidence of a Trump-Russia complicity on any subject. And if this invasion of privacy that Muller seems ordained to follows into Donald Trump’s business long before he became President, and Trump’s personal life again long before he became President.

    Logically, don’t we need a Special Prosecutor investigate JFK, RFK, TED KENNEDY, LBJ, JIMMY CARTER, Bush 1, and “BILLY BOB”Clinton’s indiscretions and how much monies their “friends” were paid in what some want to call HUSH MONEY?

    Some now be calling why all Democrats? Maybe Nixon, Reagan, and Bush 2 were more civilized and respectful of God, Family, and really self?