Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Donkey at the Bottom of the Well

Here's a French animal story - the French love to use animals to give moral advice - that the GOP might be able to use in this last week before the mid-term elections.

One day, the farmer’s donkey fell into a well.
The poor beast brayed loudly for hours,
And the farmer tried to decide what to do.
Finally, he decided that the animal was old
And the well needed to be filled in anyway,
And it wouldn’t be cheap to recover the donkey, in any case.
So, he invited all his friends to come and help.
They all brought a shovel and started
To bury the donkey in the well.
At first, the donkey realized what was happening
And cried even louder. Then, to everyone’s surprise,
He stopped making noises.
After tossing a few more shovelfuls of dirt into the well,
The farmer looked down toward the bottom
And was very surprised at what he saw.
With each shovelful of dirt that arrived at the bottom,
The donkey shook the dirt off his back and climbed on top of it.
As the farmer’s friends continued to toss dirt into the well,
The animal shook it off his back and continued to climb.
Soon, everyone was amazed to see the donkey jump
Out of the well and gallop off.

Life tries to bury us with all manner of garbage.
The trick is to shake it off and climb out of the hole.
Every worry is a stone to help us progress.
We can all get out of the hole, no matter how deep,
If only we don’t give up and abandon life.
Saving ourselves is a matter of shaking off the garbage.

But, for the GOP, I think the message is a little different.
Don't throw so much garbage onto the Democrats' backs 
that they use it to climb out of their hole and surprise us all
on Tuesday, November 2nd.

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