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The Dark Underside of IG Horowitz Report on the FBI and Hillary's Emails

THE REAL NEWS TODAY IS THAT THE HILLARY EMAIL STORY JUST KEEPS GETTING WORSE. On Tuesday, during the congressional testimony of DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, we learned from Gateway Pundit's Paul Sperry tweets that the FBI / DOJ corruption was even worse than we already knew : "BREAKING: IG Horowitz revealed in Senate testimony FBI never named a target or even subject in Clinton probe. Not Mills, Abedin, Combetta or Clinton herself." Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, tweeted : "@RealDonaldTrump is a subject, but Hillary Clinton was never a "subject." Outrageous. Shut the Strzok-Page-Comey-McCabe-Lynch-Yates-Glenn Simpson-Steele-Brennan-Fusion GPS-Muller special counsel 'stop @realDonaldTrump' investigation down." • • • NOBODY WAS A SUBJECT OF THE FBI EMAIL PROBE. "So neither Hillary nor her top aides were formally under investigation by the FBI at any time in 2015-2016," tweeted Sperry. • This was Reported by Breitbart on June 14, but it was not picked up by any media outlet or analyst. Here is the Breitbart Report : "The Justice Department’s internal watchdog division documented in its Report released today that the FBI’s criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s misuse of her private email server never actually designated Clinton as a subject or target of the official probe. This news comes even though former FBI Director James Comey described Clinton as the subject during his overview to the Justice Department’s Office of the Inspector General, which released its 500-page Report today. The Report also documented how Comey and former deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe were highly involved in overseeing the probe. The Report quotes Randall Coleman, the former assistant director of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division, as expressing shock that the FBI investigation remained designated as 'unknown subject(s),' known within the FBI as UNSUB, even as it became clear the investigation started to focus on Clinton. 'We certainly started looking more closely at the Secretary because they were her emails,' Coleman told the Inspector General’s office. 'I don’t know [why] that was the case, why it was UNSUB. I’m really shocked that it would have stayed that way because certainly the investigation started really kind of getting more focused.' On July 10, 2015, the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division opened its criminal probe, but never named Clinton as a subject at any time. The Report states : 'The Midyear investigation was opened with an 'Unknown Subject(s) (UNSUB),' and at no time during the investigation was any individual identified by the FBI as a subject or target of the investigation, including former Secretary Clinton. FBI witnesses told us that the 'UNSUB' designation is common and means that the FBI has not identified a specific target or subject at the outset of an investigation. According to FBI witnesses, this allowed the FBI to expand the focus of the investigation based on the evidence without being 'locked into a particular subject.' With respect to the Midyear investigation, witnesses told the OIG that the FBI did not identify anyone as a subject or target during the investigation because it was unclear how the classified material had been introduced to the server and who was responsible for improperly placing it there. The failure to designate Clinton as the subject contrasts with statements from Comey, the Report relates : 'In his OIG interview, Comey described former Secretary Clinton as the subject of the Midyear investigation and stated that he was unaware that the investigation had an UNSUB designation. Similarly, in his book, Comey referred to former Secretary Clinton as the subject of the Midyear investigation, stating that one question the investigation sought to answer was what Clinton was thinking 'when she mishandled that classified information.' Besides never designating Clinton as a target, Comey famously minimized the criminal nature of the FBI investigation in his public remarks. In his memoir, Comey recounted how he relented when Attorney General Loretta Lynch convinced him to use the word 'matter' instead of 'investigation' during public comments about the Clinton probe. This despite the Justice Department knowing the FBI probe was not only an official investigation but a criminal investigation." • It was Aaron Klein who wrote that Breitbart story. Klein is Breitbart’s Jerusalem bureau chief, senior investigative Reporter, a New York Times bestselling author, and host of the weekend talk radio program, “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio.” • • • DOES THE UNSUB DESIGNATION MATTER? The UNSUB designation raises yet more questions about the FBI / DOJ investigation of Hillary Clinton's email use while Secretary of State. The failure of the FBI to investigate Abedin’s emails and the IG Report finding that the FBI never actually designated Clinton or anyone else as a subject or target of the official probe points loudly to BIAS. Witnesses, presumably working at the FBI, told the IG that the probe was designated as UNSUB, even as it became clear the investigation had started to focus on Clinton, because it was unclear how the classified material in Hillary's emails had been introduced to the server and who was responsible for improperly placing it there. How convenient. • IF the FBI had not given immunity to Cheryl Mills and Uma Abedin, IF the FBI had questioned Hillary under oath, IF the FBI had not allowed Mills to keep her PC after agreeing to destroy contents which the FBI had copied from it -- then we might know the answer that seemed to evade the FBI. The fact is that UNSUB was a convenient way to allow such cavalier treatment of perpetrators of potentially criminal actions -- it was a way to permit the FBI to make immunity deals with impunity -- it allowed the FBI to hide behind UNSUB instead of opening new investigations into the Hillary classified emails found on the Abedin-Weiner PC -- it ultimately allowed the FBI to coddle Hillary Clinton by questioning her informally and without takign notes of the interrogation. It made the email investigation a farce conducted by politically motivated FBI agents whose bias was clearly in favor of Hillary Clinton, and whose visceral hatred of Donald Trump was its motivation to protect Hillary from prosecution. • And, yet, we read nothing of outrage in the IG Report. Michael Horowitz may have been surprised, shocked, dismayed -- but his recommendations are as protective of Hillary Clinton as the FBI's investigation had been. • • • GOWDY AND GRAHAM LAY INTO COMEY. On Tuesday, Inspector General Michael Horowitz testified in a joint congressional hearing to the House Oversight and House Judiciary panels about his review of the FBI’s handling of the Clinton email investigation. Horowitz testified at the hearing and said there is no room at the FBI for any kind of political bias : "There are many lessons to be learned from the Department (DOJ) and the FBI's handling of the Clinton email investigation," Horowitz said. "When leaders and officials adhere to bedrock principles and values, the public has greater confidence in the fairness and rightness of their decisions. The public's trust is negatively impacted when law enforcement officials make statements reflecting bias, when leaders abandon institutional norms and the organizational hierarchy in favor of their own adhawk judgements." Horowitz examined evidence related to the conduct and decisions by the FBI before the 2016 election and also reviewed Comey’s July 2016 news conference where he indicated Clinton was careless in handling classified information but not negligible enough for prosecutors to analyze. Horowitz’s Report found that Comey was not motivated by political bias, but it concluded that his decision not to follow FBI procedures damaged the bureau's image. • House Oversight Chairman Trey Gowdy came out swinging on Tuesday. Gowdy ripped into Comey in his opening statement, stating, “we can’t survive with a justice system we don’t trust.” Gowdy's remarks, including calling out Comey's "textbook bias," came during a hearing about the Department of Justice Inspector General Report released last week; in which Horowitz exposed extreme anti-Trump, pro-Hillary bias from FBI agents working on both the Hillary Clinton email investigation and Robert Mueller’s special counsel probe into Russian "collusion" with Trump. The Report provides sufficient evidence of Hillary's actions that it would have been logical for her to have been prosecuted for repeated mishandling of classified information, but Hillary was let off by the FBI / DOJ -- she was treated with a different standard by senior FBI agents working on her case. Gowdy said : ""This inspector general’s Report should conjure anger, disappointment, and sadness in everyone who reads it. We cannot have a justice system that bases decisions on anything other than facts. We give police and prosecutors tremendous powers, and with those powers comes a corresponding expectation of fairness and just dealing. Respect for the rule of law is the thread that holds the tapestry of this country together.” Gowdy highlighted Comey’s difference in behavior between the Clinton investigation and his probe into possible obstruction of justice by President Trump. Gowdy contrasted Comey’s handling of each case, saying he made insufficient efforts to appoint a special counsel for the Clinton probe while purposely leaking memos to spur the appointment of a special counsel in the obstruction case. Gowdy said FBI agents were prejudiced in the Clinton investigation and the Russia probe, charging that they had already predetermined the outcomes of both cases. "If prejudging the outcome of an investigation before it ends and prejudging the outcome of an investigation before it begins is not evidence of outcome determinative bias, for the life of me, I don’t know what would be," Gowdy said. • In his preliminary remarks, Gowdy stated : "I am alarmed, angered, and deeply disappointed by the Inspector General’s finding of numerous failures by DOJ and FBI in investigating potential Espionage Act violations by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. This Report confirms investigative decisions made by the FBI during the pendency of this investigation were unprecedented and deviated from traditional investigative procedures in favor of a much more permissive and voluntary approach. This is not the way normal investigations are run. The investigation was mishandled. The investigatory conclusions were reached before the end of the witness interviews. The July 5th press conference marked a serious violation of policy and process. And the letters to Congress in the fall of 2016 were both delayed in substance and unnecessary in form. Moreover, the treatment afforded to former Secretary Clinton and other potential subjects and targets was starkly different from the FBI’s investigation into Trump campaign officials. Voluntariness and consent in the former were replaced with search warrants, subpoenas, and other compulsory processes in the latter. Many of the investigators and supervisors were the same in both investigations but the investigatory tactics were not. Former Director Comey violated Department policy in several significant ways. The FBI’s actions and those of former Director Comey severely damaged the credibility of the investigation, the public’s ability to rely on the results of the investigation, and the very institutions he claims to revere. The Report also conclusively shows an alarming and destructive level of animus displayed by top officials at the FBI. Peter Strzok’s manifest bias trending toward animus casts a pall on this investigation. Bias is so pernicious and malignant as to both taint the process, the result, and the ability to have confidence in either." • Last week, on June 14, Gowdy grilled IG Horowitz about his Report to Congress, saying the investigation departed from normal procedure "in favor of a much more permissive and voluntary approach." He ripped Comey for breaching official policy and tainting the reputation of the FBI. Gowdy said : "Former Director Comey violated Department policy in several significant ways. The FBI’s actions and those of former Director Comey severely damaged the credibility of the investigation, the public’s ability to rely on the results of the investigation, and the very institutions he claims to revere." Gowdy also hit Comey for deciding to reopen the Clinton investigation just before the 2016 election. He cited Comey’s reason for restoring the probe -- that he did not have confidence in then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch to credibly handle the case. Gowdy described one of his last conversations with Comey, saying Comey told him "the men and women of the FBI do not give a hoot about politics." Gowdy says that Comey was "dead wrong" because there were many FBI agents who had predetermined the outcome of the Clinton investigation before it was concluded. Despite his disappointment in the FBI, Gowdy reiterated his belief that the nation’s top law enforcement agency has thousands of employees who follow the law and do their jobs correctly. Gowdy said : "To those FBI agents, we’ll get through this. It will be tough and it will be difficult, but we will emerge on the other side with a stronger FBI and a stronger Department of Justice because we have to." • On Tuesday, House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte was also very critical of the Report : "The IG Report details unusual actions taken by law enforcement officials who were sworn to uphold the Constitution impartially and fairly. They failed in that duty.” • Inspector General Horowitz also testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee Monday, along with current FBI Director Christopher Wray, to face questions on the findings of the recently released IG Report over the FBI’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation. The bombshell revelation from that Report was that “senior FBI employees [were] willing to take official action to impact a presidential candidate’s electoral prospects.” On Monday, during the Senate hearing, Senator Lindsey Graham refuted Horowitz’s conclusion that he found no bias in the FBI’s eventual conclusion with its Clinton investigation. Graham stated : “I’m not buying that the Clinton investigation was on the up and up, and the reason I am not buying it is because the two people intimately involved, one, the lead investigator, clearly did not want to see Donald Trump become President of the United State.” Senator Graham was referring to Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. Senator Graham later noted that between former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and Strzok “someone is lying” about McCabe’s presence in a particular meeting. Horowitz effectively agreed. • • • DEMOCRAT COMMITTEE MEMBERS WERE OBSTRUCTIONIST. LifeZette ando ther conservative media outlets have noted that "Democrats at IG Testimony Seem to Be at Wrong Hearing. Minority leaders of committees examining Clinton email probe interrupt to complain about President Donald Trump's immigration policies." Representative Jerold Nadler, a Democrat from New York and the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, interrupted House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy before he even had finished his opening statement. Nadler seized the microphone to blast President Trump’s administration for its zero tolerance policy of bringing criminal charges against first-time illegal border crossers -- even if they are traveling with children who must be separated from the parents. Finally, Gowdy shut Nadler down : "The gentleman from New York has been afforded more time than would have been afforded to the other side had we pulled something like that," he said. Gowdy then had to wait until Capitol Police officers removed protesters from the hearing room. BUT; who was there to pick up the ProgDem chant??? None other than Hillary propagandist Representative Elijah Cummings, the ranking Democrat oo Gowdy's committee. Cummings used part of his opening statement to raise the immigration issue. He called temporary holding facilities for children "child internment camps....This was a policy invented, implemented and executed by President Donald Trump." Eventually, lawmakers returned to the actual purpose of Tuesday's hearing, Hillary's email irremediably -- to use a good legalese word -- biased investigation by the FBI -- a topic that ProgDems would rather not discuss or give air time in any case. • • • WHAT DID WE LEARN FROM THE HOROWITZ HEARINGS? The Patriot Post's Gary Bauer wrote about the Monday Senate Judiciary Committee hearing with Wray and Horowitz. Bauer says we learned at Monday’s hearing "that there is an ongoing investigation of James Comey’s handling of classified information." IG Horowitz testified Tuesday before a joint hearing of the House Judiciary and Government Reform and Oversight Committees, and Bauer says we learned that "at no time during any of Obama’s many scandals did Comey ever leak government memos seeking to get a special counsel appointed to investigate the president. Bias anyone?" • Restore American Glory posted an article on Monday that was headlined "IG’s 'No Bias' Conclusion Makes ZERO Sense In Context of the Full Report." Restore American Glory wrote : "The mainstream media has had a lot of fun rubbing Donald Trump’s supporters in the nose with the conclusions of the Department of Justice’s Inspector General’s Report on the Hillary Clinton investigation. Namely, Michael Horowitz’s written opinion that there was no evidence that any bias affected the outcome of the investigation or the duties of those involved in the FBI inquiry. But while we do not deny that accurately reflects Horowitz’s opinion, we strongly deny that the conclusion Horowitz reached was the correct one. You can’t read this full Report with an eye towards the truth and come away with that conclusion. But you can come to that conclusion if your primary interest is in protecting the reputation and integrity of the Justice Department. The truth is that there was not, to any chronicled degree, any aspect of this investigation (or the related Trump/Russia investigation) that was NOT tainted with bias. The worst of which, of course, was outlined in the text messages sent between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, both of whom were key figures in these investigations. The anti-Trump bias dripping from these messages is startling in its ferocity, and Strzok plainly says on multiple occasions that he considers it the FBI’s sworn duty to keep the man out of the White House. This is not someone who is interested in following the facts wherever they lead. But, time after time, Horowitz ignores the facts that he himself gathered. He chronicles, in painstaking detail, the bias of the FBI agents in the Hillary Clinton 'matter,' and yet does not come to the obvious and unavoidable conclusion that this bias played a part in the outcome. Yet how could it not? We grant that it’s possible that unbiased FBI agents would reach the same conclusion, but what...we’re just to take that possibility on faith? That’s how justice is now done in America? Oh yeah, they really botched this one good, but you know, probably they wouldn’t have prosecuted anyway. That’s a joke that only the mainstream media could swallow. Here’s the problem, though. From Loretta Lynch to James Comey to President Barack Obama himself, this investigation was only ever meant to come to one conclusion: That Hillary did nothing seriously wrong and that she’s perfectly fit to become the first female President of the United States. And so what we’re really looking at here -- far more than the myriad examples of individual bias on the part of the investigating agents -- is systemic bias that came straight down from the very top of the Obama administration. And we do not doubt that the very same bias colored the twin investigation -- the one into Donald Trump and the Russian collusion scandal." • Fix This Nation on Monday gave one good example of the bias that permeated the FBI investigation of Hillary's emails : "Hidden in the sprawling Report delivered by DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz is a stunning detail about the lack of effort expended by the FBI in their probe of Hillary Clinton’s email fiasco. While agents searched the hard drive hidden in Hillary’s basement and did a thorough search of Clinton’s devices, they did not extend that search to State Department employees working in Hillary’s inner circle. While this seems like one of the first places the FBI would look for mishandled classified information, the agents in charge of the investigation had a very good reason for their neglect. Well, they had A reason, in any case. Horowitz went and asked the agents why they didn’t complete these basic building block of investigative integrity, and the agents were ready with their answer : 'The culture of mishandling classified information at the State Department [was so entrenched, that it] made the quantity of potential sources of evidence particularly vast.' In other words, the 'everybody was doing it' excuse. And, well, we’re just the poor, meager, resource-lacking FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION. We certainly don’t have the technology and the manpower to look at everyone’s Blackberry! We’ve got movie pirates to catch. Now this is as silly as an excuse as we can think of, considering that no one was asking the Bureau to single-handedly solve whatever classified information 'culture' was permeating the State Department. A culture which, by the way, was probably worsened by a Secretary of State who thought she could freely send and receive classified information through her personal email account. After all, if the esteemed Mrs. Clinton doesn’t have to play by the rules, why should anyone else at the agency? If anything, the fact that 'everyone was doing it' should have made it even more essential that the government hold Hillary accountable for her negligence. It certainly should not have signaled to the FBI: Oh, don’t bother, it’s just too much damn work. Horowitz notes in the Report that the excuse for this investigative failure didn’t hold water. 'It fails to acknowledge that the team was not required to take an all-or-nothing approach,' he writes. 'For example, a middle ground existed where those devices belonging to Clinton’s three top aides -- which the team determined accounted for approximately 68 percent of Clinton’s email exchanges -- would have been reviewed, but devices belonging to other State Department employees would not.' Exactly. Any idiot could find this solution rattling around in their mind, and we don’t believe for a second that it eluded the senior officials in the FBI. They deliberately chose not to do it because they’d already made up their minds that they were going to let Hillary off with a stern warning so she wouldn’t be compromised on her way to the White House. Oh, but no bias found. Sure, sure." • • • #NEVERTRUMP IS ALIVE AND WELL. And living in the Washington Swamp where it has always thrived. American Thinker's Russ Vaughn pointed it out on Wednesday : "Nothing coming out of Washington annoys me more than conservative Republicans in the Trump administration, in Congress, and in conservative media punditry falling all over themselves to show their own sense of fair play by attributing an unrealistic sense of that same fairness to people who are anything but. Go back to 2016 and try to count how many times you heard all those conservative folks reassure us that we had nothing to worry about with James Comey leading the investigation into Hillary Clinton, that he was a stand-up guy, a straight shooter, a man with impeccable credentials, whose ethics were beyond reproach, a cop's cop who could be counted on to conduct a thorough and impartial inquiry, devoid of Washington politics. Well, so much for that stand-up guy and his sense of fair play, hmm?" • Vaughn also notes that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein "may have been appointed by Trump, but who's to say the President didn't get fed the same load of straight shooter bilge that we got from the usual sources about how we could count on this guy, who seems to sit at the center of all these messes, to handle all these controversial investigations in a fair and impartial manner? So far, all he has appeared to do is stonewall and obfuscate, fighting Republican congressional investigators tooth and nail, even threatening the congressional staffers sent to the DOJ to get information, that he would sic the full investigative powers of the federal government on them and their families, scaring some to tears. Truly a nice guy, hmm?" • Despite all this history to learn from, Vaughn cites conservative Republican politicians and pundits who are still telling us we can trust Robert Mueller to conduct his political witch hunt into this so-called Russian collusion farce : "If this guy is so politically impartial, then why did he staff up with nothing but Clinton suck-ups, who, we can be confident, are about as unbiased as the FBI clowns who have now been exposed as actual criminals?" • Vaughn suggests that conservative insiders should "lay off all the blithe reassurances to the huddled masses....As we've come to learn, our intuitive skills are obviously more finely honed than yours, perhaps because they are based in a common man's common sense that seems to evaporate from your own hallowed beings in the exalted atmosphere of the power towers of the political and journalistic elite." • And, on June 14, in an interview with Sean Hannity, President Trump’s attack lawyer, Rudy Giuliani said that it is incumbent upon AG Jeff Sessions and DAG Rod Rosenstein to “redeem themselves” in the wake of the Inspector General’s Report on the Hillary Clinton investigation. Giuliani said that the Department of Justice owed it to the President and the American people to put the Mueller investigation on pause so the DOJ has a chance to thoroughly consider the implications outlined in the Report : “I believe that Rod Rosenstein and Jeff Sessions have a chance to redeem themselves and that chance comes about tomorrow,” Giuliani said. “Tomorrow, Mueller should be suspended and honest people should be brought in, impartial people to investigate these people like [disgraced FBI agent Peter] Strzok. Strzok should be in jail by the end of next week.” • The IG Report has already cast serious doubts as to the integrity of the senior FBI leadership and several members of the investigative team responsible for looking into both Hillary Clinton’s emails and the Trump/Russia collusion matter. That alone is enough to cause any responsible DOJ official -- like, say, Sessions or Rosenstein -- to take action against the special counsel. Everything he’s got may be fruit of bias. If we’re to ever going to convince the American people to trust these agencies again, there must be a thorough and conclusive reckoning, and that includes Mueller. • The truth lurks below the hand-wringing about whether and how Sessions and Rosenstein will clean up the FBI and DOJ. It lurks below the sycophantic public pandering to Trump by his own GOP's congressional leaders. It is the #NeverTrump faction of Congress, the conservative media, and conservative analysts at work. They do not like Trump or want him to succeed or even survive. They never did and they never will. My guess is that they are being nice, trying to use Trump's enormous popularity with the GOP base to get themselves re-elected in the November midterms before they come out of the closet in full attack gear, ready to try to destroy Trump, as they did in 2016 until they realized he was going to win. • • • CAN TRUMP SAVE AMERICA AND THE REPUBLIC? American Thinker's Rich Logis wrote on Wednesday that : "The document confirms, for many of us, our worst fear: segments of our federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies are a clear and present existential danger to our's a 'what if?' that should keep you up at night. Had Republicans and independents not outnumbered Democrats in crucial swing states, if we had lost 2016, how much of the contents of the IG Report would we have known about? Today? Right now? How much would we have known about the weaponized depth and breadth of secrecy and corruption and disdain for Americans whose taxes paid for officials to hate us, on our dime, and label us 'uneducated, lazy POS'? Zero – that's how much." Logis points out a baseline truth : 'If Hillary Clinton were President...we wouldn't be talking about this embarrassing and perhaps treasonous exposé of members of our law enforcement and intelligence communities....Revulsion for Trump and his deplorable supporters by Democrats and the DMIC (Democrat Media Industrial Complex) is, of course, nothing new. Truthfully, the fact that some within the FBI, including former director James Comey, felt this way isn't even what's most concerning. Even unelected bureaucrats are human, and bias is inherent in human nature. The extent, though, to which, for example, FBI agent Peter Strzok made it his teleological mission to undermine the will of the people and the Constitution he swore to uphold by promising to 'stop' Trump from ever getting elected smacks of a trait some of the worst human beings to ever live have exhibited. Bias on steroids, mixed with an intense, addictive loathing of Trump and his voters, cherry-topped with a phony Russian collusion story, makes for one hell of a Molotov cocktail. The Report's assessment that officials were not affected by bias is perhaps the most laughable statement ever uttered in the annals of American political history." • What drove these people -- sworn to uphold the Constitution and protect the Republic -- was their rock-solid belief that Hillary Clinton would be elected President. They believed that when Barack Obama was elected in 2008, because they saw him as a god -- the chosen one who would rid America of Americans -- those God-fearing, Bible-belt, patriotic Americans. So, whoever Obama chose to succeed him would be their next chosen one -- chosen by their political god. It utrned out to be Hillary -- and thereby hangs the tale. She brought with her enough baggage to make Al Capone look like a candidate for sainthood. So, somehow they had to smoothe over her path -- because it was the path Obama obviously wanted smoothed. Logis points out the reasonableness of this argument when he says : "Have you noticed the deafening silence from Obama? Where's the outrage from the...Republican establishment GOP? Most Americans don't yet grasp just how dangerous to our Republic these Democrat cronies and quislings are. The DMIC continues...and has spent the last week regurgitating the debunked conspiracy theory that Comey cost Clinton the election. Don't count on the DMIC to channel its inner Woodward and Bernstein by addressing the threats posed to our nation and our future....had we lost in 2016, we'd never be able to stop this hydra, short of a military coup against the government." • Can President Trump turn it around? He promised to weed out the intelligence and law enforcement agencies, but it is a task for Hercules. Our hope, our reassurance, is that Trump WAS elected. And elections have consequences. Too many Americans, and far too many young Americans, see the ProgDem Obama cult that protects Hillary, Comey, the FBI, the DOJ and all that Lynch and Holder did as perfectly fine. They are the creatures of the mainstream media's propaganda.They are the sheep of the ProgDem leaders. Logis reminds us : "Obama claimed he found out about Clinton's server and private email from the New York Times : the IG confirmed he lied. He exchanged 20 emails with Clinton on her account, and, according to the Report, Comey the Cover-Upper referred to Obama as a 'senior government official.' • As I said in Tuesday's blog about a mass influx of illegal immigrants to American Logis says it of lsoing the Republic : "The 'it' in 'it can't happen here' is happening now; it's been happening. Our Founders innately understood that the United States was much more likely to collapse from enemies within than from abroad. Our Republic is only as strong as its weakest link. When Ben Franklin remarked that we were a Republic, and not a monarchy, never forget the second half of his remark : 'if you can keep it.' " • BUT, there is good news, too. American Thinker's Monica Showalter writes that : "President Trump’s approval rating is now equal to where Obama’s was at the same point in his presidency. What? You hadn’t heard about that?? Funny how the mainstream media keeps forgetting to report this kind of news. But here it is, from Investor's Business Daily : 'Popularity: President Trump can't get a break from negative press coverage, but somehow his approval rating continues to edge upward. In fact, it's now tied with where the 'extremely popular' President Obama was at this point in his first term. The latest Gallup poll puts Trump's job approval at 45%. That's the highest it's been since he took office, and it's up from 37% at the start of the year....Trump's approval in this poll is now equal to Obama's at the same point in Obama's presidency. Gallup had Obama at 45% approval by late June 2010." And, Rick Moran, another American Thinker contributor, pointed out a few days ago that another Gallup poll reports that Americans' satisfaction with the direction of the country is the highest it's been since 2005. From that, Rick noted : "The transient news of the day is not as important as trends. This is a trend, and it favors the GOP. It's more evidence that the 'Blue Wave' predicted almost since Trump took office may be a mirage come November." • Showalter say that what is interesting is that : "While Obama’s approval was steadily falling throughout his first term, Trump's has been edging up since October. More interesting still, Trump’s numbers are going up despite overwhelmingly negative press coverage and relentless attacks from pundits and celebrities, while Obama’s was going down despite the hero-worship he received." • • • DEAR READERS, Is it possible that the public is smarter than ProgDems and their lapdog press give them credit for? This cabal of government crooks, posing as untiring patriots fighting to ensure liberty and justice for all have been unmasked. They are Progressive, Globalist Stalinists, the creatures of the Obama Cult, sent by the Socialist gods to recreate America and its Republic in the image of Uncle Joe. • American Thinker's Vaughn says : "there is Michael Horowitz, who, we were told endlessly by those conservatives who claimed to know, bears credentials even more sanctified than the now politically excommunicated FBI chief. Horowitz, we were assured month after month, could be relied on to conduct a fair and balanced investigation of that same FBI chief and his henchmen, who supposedly conducted their own fair and unbiased inquiry into another pillar of left-wing virtue, Hillary Clinton. Yeah, well, here we are with a 500-page summation of that seemingly never-ending investigation that concludes, despite the plentiful evidence to the contrary found within, that Comey and his criminal crew conducted their own fair and unbiased investigation of Madam Clinton and her corrupt and criminal cronies. The guy may be fair, but he's bending over backwards so far to do it that he's talking to Congress from between his legs." • Trey Gowdy said it clearly : "The Report also conclusively shows an alarming and destructive level of animus displayed by top officials at the FBI. Peter Strzok’s manifest bias trending toward animus casts a pall on this investigation. Bias is so pernicious and malignant as to both taint the process, the result, and the ability to have confidence in either. The law enforcement community has no greater ally in Congress than me. But continued revelations of questionable decision making by FBI and DOJ leadership destroys confidence in the impartiality of the institutions I have long served, respected, and believed in. This is not the FBI I know. This is not the FBI our country needs. This is not the FBI citizens and suspects alike deserve." Gowdy called for action : "It is now urgently incumbent on Attorney General Sessions and Director Wray to take decisive action to restore Americans’ confidence in our justice system." • Are you listening, Michael Horowitz? Jeff Sessions? You don't many more chances to prove that you are not Swamp Creatures or #NeverTrumpers, but proud Americans.

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  1. I am daily surprised by the unprofessional approach, the malfeasance of their sworn oath of office, the latitude of bias, the bottom line unpreparedness we see in FBI, DOJ, and Special Investigators, and the MSM from the Rule of Law that the American public is asked to believe in and trust.

    What is the truth and what are the constructed lies we are bombarded with hourly these days. Are the going ones in the Swamp just a smoke cloud to appease us while the wolf is getting in & out of the hen house at will?

    Has the Deep State already taken over the Republic and find no reason to tell us.

    I fear for Donald Trump and his families welfare.

    Just last night the Secretary of Home Land Security was narrated while eating dinner at a Washington D.C. restaurant by a group of intruders that contained a Department of Justice staffer.

    “We have meet the enemy, and he is us.”