Sunday, January 21, 2018

Schumer and Pelosi Are Sneering Insurrectionists, Like the ProgDems who Follow Them

TODAY IS NOT FOR NEW NEWS. It is for calling a spade a spade. • • • PROGRESSIVES ARE A BUNCH OF INSURRECTIONISTS. I am weary of trying to respond to the Progressive cabal with logic and facts. The truth is that they do not deserve facts or logic. They deserve to be impeached for "high crimes and misdeamenors," charged with "malfeasance in office", or put jail -- from Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to California Governor Jerry Brown to the lying Fake News specialists on CNN and the rest of the MSM. Actually, jail in the United States is too good for them. They ought to be sent to Syria or Iran or China or Venezuela -- where they might begin to experience personally just what their brand of "the Future of America' produces. It is time to call these Progressive Democrats what they are -- insurrectionists hell bent on destroying the Republic, its constitutional rule of law and its duly elected President. That Americans will be destroyed in the process is of absolutely no importance to them. • In fact, if facts still matter in this civil war we are fighting, destroying Americans is their goal. They intend to do it by reducing America to the level of the rest of the world with its socialist government-knows-best policies that place the state first and everything and everyone else far down on the political ladder. That is not a fact learned in school or from books -- it is the hard experience of moving around the world for 30 years supporting American business and technology. There is no place on earth that can compare in total to the United States. Some countries may have social peace -- Singapore buys it by reducing freedom of speech of its citizens and telling them to some extent where they can live. Some countries have smoothly running business programs -- China buys this by stealing US technology and forcing its workers to do the jobs the state wants. Some countries have nanny welfare states in which citizens are cared for from cradle to grave -- they exist primarily in Europe and are bought by taxing citizens into submission by taking away all excess earnings to feed the welfare state. And still it doesn't work. I know a British man who has been slowly dying for 20 years while the National Health Service treats him with inadequate medical technology. Finally, his wife, worried that he would soon be too weak for surgery, found a clinic in Florida that would treat him. Even then, the NHS deferred by delaying the needed paperwork to free him to go to the American clinic. He finally made the trip and was saved by a US technology not available in the UK. There are countries that are trying to dig themselves and their citizens out of these socialist holes -- Poland , Hungary, India. And, there are countries that have in large part succeeded by imitating the US -- South Korea, Taiwan, Japan. • But, in America, we are being accosted daily by these insurrectionist ProgDems who want to throw away 240 years of success so that they can shake hands with the socialist-marxist-globalist elites around the world as their elite American comrades. • Let's look at jobs -- the Washington Free Beacon released a fast paced video that torpedoes the idea that only the 1% and corporations benefited from the recent tax cut passed by the Republican majority and signed into law by President Trump. It gives excellent real-life reasons why people don’t trust the mainstream media anymore. This video lets the MSM itself show just how wrong it was about the largest tax reform since Ronald Reagan, with its massive tax cut for corporations that, says the Beacon : "the ProgDem critics insisted would not trickle down through higher wages and be a bonanza for the middle class as promised by President Trump. At last count, 164 major corporations have announced bonuses in the thousands to millions of American workers. Most directly attribute their bonuses to the tax cut. Watch the video as it compares side by side, what the no-nothing mainstream media said and what actually happened. It is on You Tube < > • Then, there is the constant "polling" by the MSM that shows President Trump in the low 30% satisfaction range. BUT, TheHill just reported that : "American satisfaction with the US economy has reached a 17-year high, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll." The poll shows that 69% of respondents in the survey released Friday say they are satisfied with the state of the US economy, marking the highest level since 2001. TheHill noted that : "The new poll is likely to be welcomed by President Trump and his Republican counterparts in Congress as the party prepares for the 2018 midterm elections. The White House regularly touts economic growth and stock market successes under Trump, particularly since the passage of the GOP tax-reform package last month." Well, the poll also found that more Americans, while still skeptical, are warming to the Republican-supported tax plan -- 30% of those polled said they believe the plan is a good idea, compared to 24% who shared the same sentiment in December. • If we want to get personal, a new Economist/YouGov poll released Friday shows that Melania Trump has a 48% favorable rating, and President Trump has a 43% favorable rating. • Even more notable in the poll battle with the ProgDem MSM is the the just-released Western Journal video that shows the inroads Donald Trump has made into the African American community. Two new polls suggest that support for Trump by African Americans, especially black men, has doubled during his first year in office. Breitbart and the Atlantic report that among black men, Trump’s average approval rating in 2017 significantly exceeds what his vote share was in the 2016 vote. Author Ronald Brownstein wrote in the Atlantic on January 11 : “23% of black men approved of Trump’s performance versus 11% of black women.” That score averages out to 17%, or double the 8% score Trump was given in the 2016 exit polls. Liberal media outlets have been quick to cast doubt on those numbers -- the Washington Post wrote : "Trump’s overall approval rating is consistently lower than his vote share because a lot of people liked him a bit better than Clinton as a candidate but think he’s doing a bad job in office. Brownstein isolated the figure among black men because it was unusual in going the other direction." Watch the Western Journal video that shows what the Washington Post got wrong. It is on You Tube < >. • • • WHAT ARE THE ELITE REPUBLICANS THINKING? Their addle-brained attacks on President Trump are duisgusting and dangerous -- for the Republic and for their own futures if they hope to live in an America that supports the values they pretend to hold dear. It is one thing to delate with the socialist-marxist ProgDems who want to destroy America. Their tactics and goals are transparent and easily attacked simply by letting President Trump and his group of loyal supporters in Congress and in the more than 30 states that have GOP governors nad legislatures do their jobs. BUT, that is exactly the problem. • I was outraged by Anne Coulter's comments last week on Trump and immigration. TheHill reported : "Conservative commentator Ann Coulter blasted President Trump on Wednesday, accusing him of 'selling out his base' in a meeting with lawmakers in which he appeared to endorse a deal that would grant millions of immigrants living in the US illegally a pathway to citizenship. In a post on her website, Coulter suggested that the Tuesday meeting with Democratic and Republican lawmakers was the 'lowest moment of the Trump presidency,' and that the President appeared on the path to endorsing an unending amnesty for certain immigrants." Coulter's ridiculous comments came after Trump suggested that he would "sign whatever immigration bill" lawmakers send him and that he is willing to compromise with Democrats on border security measures that he has said must be included in a legislative effort to codify the protections of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Trump also said that the elimination of chain migration for DACA and all other immigrants must be included. Apparently, Coulter doesn't appreciate the difference between negotiating from strength and caving. Trump was negotiating because he knew that Schumer would take the heat for any shutdown. And as things play out in the coming days, Trump, as always, will be proven to have had the right strategy. • It is now time to pause and wait for Anne Coulter to try to wriggle out of this gigantic betrayal of her alleged beliefs. Coulter is a vehement critic of illegal immigration and she was the first to call Trump as the winner the 2016 election in the summer of 2015. She supported Trump's presidential campaign when he vowed to take a hard line on immigration enforcement. What is in her head?? "Nothing" seems to be the answer. Let's not rely on any US source for a review of Trump's effect on immigration. Deutsche Welle, Germany's international media outlet, on Friday said this : "With the number of illegal border crossings down by 40% at the US-Mexican border last year according to official figures and an ongoing crackdown on undocumented immigrants by the Trump administration, immigration is one of the issues where the President has had a deep impact affecting tens of thousands of people in the US and around the world. While Trump's travel ban against several countries is still tied up in the courts, the administration has signaled it will end the protected status that allows more than 200,000 people from El Salvador, Haiti and Nicaragua to remain in the United States. Trump has also ended the DACA program and repeatedly hammered the diversity lottery program that enables some 50,000 people from various countries to come to the US per year and wants to end it. And even though illegal border crossings have already dropped significantly, Trump still wants to fulfill his promise to build a wall along the US-Mexican border." • And, why are the ProgDems and their leader Chuck Schumer so interested in the fate of the so-called 'Dreamers'? Rush Limbaugh has this to say : “Because Jennifer Palmieri of the Center for American Progress let the cat out of the bag earlier this week by admitting something that we all knew, and that is that the Democrats’ version of immigration is all about securing additional votes. She let the cat out of the bag, and that’s what they were going up doing, and Trump knows it,” Limbaugh reported that the [Soros supported] Center For American Progress Action Fund distributed a memo saying illegal immigrants brought into the United States at a young age are a “critical component of the Democratic Party’s future electoral success” -- in fact, said Limbaugh : "The memo suggested that four or five GOP-majority states could be shoved into the Dems’ column if those hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens abruptly are given the vote." The memo was sent by Palmieri to allies asking Democrats to “refuse to offer any votes for Republican spending bills that do not offer a fix for Dreamers and instead appropriate funds to deport them.” In essence, Limbaugh says "it was a call to shut down the government....The memo explained if Dreamers don’t get the vote, it would 'jeopardize Democrats’ electoral hopes in 2018 and beyond.' ” • Anne Coulter is not alone in attacking the only hand that can possibly save her conservative beliefs. TheHill reported this weekend that : "Former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele said Friday that 'the evidence is incontrovertible' that President Trump is a racist following his reported remarks on Haiti, El Salvador and African countries. Steele appeared on MSNBC’s “Live with Hallie Jackson,” and was asked if he thinks Trump is a racist. “Yeah, I do,” Steele said. “At this point...the evidence is controvertible.” Steele added : “White folks in this country who have a problem with the browning of America....When they talk about [wanting] their country back, they are talking about a country that was very safely white, less brown and less committed to that browning process.” The White House and President Trump have denied that he used the words Steele was referring to. Friday morning, Trump denied saying “anything derogatory about Haitians other than Haiti is, obviously, a very poor and troubled country” and said that while he used “tough language” in the meeting with lawmakers, “this was not the language used.” And, we could remind Republican Steele that the "browning" he refers to is largely a result of the wide open borders of Barack Obama that let in millions of illegal South American and Mexican immigrants. • We can add to the list of Republicans and neo-conservatives attacking Trump on a routine basis -- Senators Lindsey Graham, John McCain, and Susan Collins, and the entire National Review. • • • DEAR READERS, it is time for these neo-con #NeverTrumpers and fallen away conservatives like Anne Coulter to explain themselves. Do they REALLY want Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to be calling the shots in Congress? Do they REALLY want Oprah or Bernie or Pocahontas to be the next American President? Do they REALLY want to put the ProgDems back in a position of power in which they can tear down Trump's progress in tax reform, jobs, repatriation of US business profits, border control, Supreme Court and lower federal court conservative appointees, and Christian values defense? I know their answers to each of these questions is "NO." So, tell me why they are deliberately playing into the hands of the ProgDem Swamp that would do all these things? Why are they so anxious to prove that whatever Trump does is not quite right? Why are they eager to say anything to distance themselves from their own party's President? Perhaps French President Macron has the answer. He said on Saturday that Trump is not a "classical' politician. Macron was speaking in French, and we could also translate his words to mean that Trump is not a politician in the traditional sense of the word. I think that is a large part of the problem with these neo-cons and Trump-baiting conservatives. They don't know how to evaluate him or his actions. They are afraid, although they would deny it, that he is 'stealing' the GOP away frm them. They feel threatened because they are used to being the voice of the GOP that tells us what to think and how to vote. AND, we know where that got us -- Barack Obama is his name. And what did Barack get us -- how about this. InfoWars reported last week that : "An Antifa leader admitted on social media to chasing down the Charlottesville driver with a rifle, causing him to ram into a group of counterprotesters. University of North Carolina anthropology professor Dwayne Dixon is the leader of armed Antifa group Redneck Revolt, who admitted to using armed intimidation to chase James Alex Fields, Jr. into a group of fellow counterprotesters which resulted in one death and dozens injured last August. 'I take perverse pleasure in having carried this Spike"s lower in the defense of Justice Park on August 12th. I used this rifle to chase off James Fields from our block of 4th St before he attacked the marchers to the south. Spike’s needs a good lesson in ethics and antifascism,' Dixon posted on Facebook. The post included a picture of Dixon holding a rifle. His account has since been made private. The 'Spikes' Dixon refers to is Spikes Tactical, a firearm company that triggered leftists last week with a social media ad that read 'not today Antifa.'...Revelations that an armed Antifa thug chased down Fields bolster that theory, especially given that Dixon said he did so just before Fields drove into protesters. Dixon was interviewed by ABC News following the violence, saying he felt he was : 'leaving a battlefield. They’re not just speaking -- they’re marching. They’re marching in a way that’s intimidating, as we all know is harking back to the torch light rallies of the Nazi era. When the left uses violence, in the rare cases that it happens, it’s resistance,' Dixon said. Fields, 20, is currently charged with first-degree murder for killing Heather Heyer and injuring 32 other people at the 'Unite the Right' rally in Charlottesville, Virginia." Where is the charge against Dixon??? • "It's not violence, it's resistance." That sums up the ProgDems and Barack Obama's presidency. It has no part to play in American political debate, neither do Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi's sneering insurrection, and neither do Republicans who don't even have the common sense to support the President who is re-establishing their beliefs as the guiding principles of the Republic -- principles the Founders established.

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