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Iran's Nefarious Plan to "Eradicate" Israel by Using Hamas -- and a Few Bribed European and US Politicians

THE REAL NEWS TODAY IS ABOUT THE QUIET GAZA BORDER. Is Hamas plotting or recovering? Probably both because the terrorist organization has had a pretty rough week. • • • SUICIDE RIOTS? THat's what the Weekly Standard editorial board called the Palestinian protests along the Gaza - Israel border. In an editorial on Tuesday, the Weekly Standard said : "They’re not protests. They’re suicide-riots....As usual, the American and European media’s coverage interpreted the event in the worst possible light for the nation of Israel. One learns very little from our mainstream news sources about what the move may mean for the nations primarily concerned -- Israel and the United States -- but a great deal about the Palestinian 'protests' happening along Israel’s southern border with Gaza : Headlines in the New York Times and Washington Post proclaimed (misleadingly) 'Israel Kills Dozens and Wounds 1700 at Gaza Border' and 'Over 50 Killed in Gaza Protests as US Opens Embassy in Jerusalem.' We put the word 'protests' in quotation marks advisedly. In ordinary English usage, a protest is a collective action or gesture meant to bring pressure on a government or corporate entity. The Gaza 'protests' are meant to bring pressure on Israel, but they’re intended mainly to kill and maim both Israelis and the Palestinian 'protesters' themselves." The Weekly Standard editorial board wrote : "For nearly two months, Hamas and other militant factions have been encouraging young Palestinian men to storm the fence separating Gaza from Israel. The rioters cut holes in the fence, charge Israeli guards with crude weapons like axes, and lob fire bombs over the wall in attempts to set Israeli fields on fire. Hamas has pledged to massacre those on the other side of the fence, and these riots are expressions of that intention. Israeli defense forces are obliged to respond with force. An axe-clutching Palestinian insanely charging into Israeli territory isn’t a 'protester' but a combatant and a terrorist. The fact that he doesn’t expect to prevail against the might of the Israel Defense Forces -- he is in essence on a suicide mission -- doesn’t somehow oblige Israeli soldiers not to use force to stop him. The Israelis have no choice but to fire back, and they do, often with deadly results." Hamas' strategy, according to the editorial, is that : "The more Palestinian young men die, the more hellish the conditions of Palestinian neighborhoods, the more sympathy aroused in Western media. Hence Palestinian rioters’ destruction of the only cargo passage through which cooking fuel can get to Gaza’s 2 million residents. The act of vandalism appears senseless unless you understand Hamas’s aim is to make Palestinians destitute for the benefit of Western media." And, says the Weekly Standard, the Western media "generally fill their expected role by placing at least an equal share of the blame on Israel and its American backers. So, for instance, American and European media readily accept casualty statistics from the Gaza Health Ministry, a Hamas outfit deliberately aiming to exaggerate Palestinian deaths. These same media, similarly, nearly always accept as genuine the reasons for the riots expressed by Palestinian organizations. Eighteen years ago, it was Ariel Sharon’s visit to the Temple mount that supposedly sparked the second intifada and the attendant bloodshed. This time, we’re told, it’s Trump’s embassy move that gives Palestinians license to plunder their own resources in acts of irrational rage." The Weekly Standard notes what other analysts have also commented on : "Despite all the violence in Gaza, the place where most Palestinians live -- the West Bank -- has remained largely quiet. The Arab neighborhoods of East Jerusalem, too, have been devoid of riots. All contrary to the dire predictions of Western experts who foresaw destruction and bloodshed across the Arab world in response to the US decision to move its embassy." • • • EVEN HAMAS SAYS THE PROTESTS WERE NOT PEACEFUL. On Wednesday, Israel Today published a video of Hamas leader MAhmoud Al-Zahar saying : "...when we talk about 'peaceful resistance' we are deceiving the public." You can play this video at < >. • And, in a Friday sermon two weeks ago, Mahmoud Habbash, a senior advisor to PA President Mahmoud Abbas, lambasted Hamas for sending children to the Gaza border to violently confront Israeli soldiers. • But, the international media and community of Israel bashers ignore what is available in the online media and continue to push their agenda that it is Israel causing all the trouble. • • • HAMAS REFUSES ISRAEL'S MEDICAL SUPPLIES. The Jerusalem Post reported on Wednesday that hospitals in the Gaza Strip were struggling to treat Palestinians wounded in clashes with the IDF on the Israel-Gaza border. BUT, Hamas turned away two large truckloads of Israeli humanitarian aid intended to relieve medical shortages in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday. The JPost said : "The IDF said it coordinated the transfer of eight truckloads of vital medical equipment through the Kerem Shalom crossing due to severe humanitarian conditions in the Hamas-controlled enclave, with hospitals struggling to treat Palestinians wounded in clashes on the Israel-Gaza border on Monday and Tuesday. Hamas accepted four trucks of aid supplied by the Palestinian Authority and two trucks supplied by UNICEF. But, two truckloads of medical aid provided by the IDF were turned away when the origin of the equipment became apparent. In addition to 53 tons of medical equipment set to be transported into Gaza this week via the crossing, the increased Israeli aid included more than 14,000 units of intravenous infusions, 40 medical basins, 20 medical examination couches, 25 infusion stands, 85,000 disinfectant pads and 12,500 bandages. The transfer was facilitated by the IDF in coordination with the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) and the Gaza District Coordination and Liaison office." • The JPost said that Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman approved the reopening of the crossing on Monday, three days after Palestinian protesters set it afire for a second time in two weeks, causing damage worth $8.3 million to the crossing’s infrastructure. • UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Nickolay Mladenov told the UN Security Council meeting on Tuesday that increased efforts should be made to improve conditions in the Gaza Strip : “Starting [on Wednesday], the United Nations, together with international partners, will need to focus and redouble efforts to implement projects that will have an immediate impact on improving the electricity, water and health situation as a matter of urgency.” But, while Hamas diverts international aid to digging tunnels and firing rockets at Israel, any aid will have little impact on the difficult lives of the Palestinians being held hostage and brainwashed by Hamas terrorists. • • • ISRAEL'S BORDER DEFENSE. The JTA wrote online of Tuesday that : "Despite growing condemnation for the deaths of 60 Palestinians on the Gaza border yesterday, Israel defended its military’s actions as an act of self-defense in the face of a mass attack. 'We didn’t want it to happen, but we understood these were Hamas’ intentions,' Dani Dayan, Israel’s consul general in New York, told reporters Tuesday. 'We are not going away. We will defend our border. We will defend our population. If they invade Israeli communities, we will have to take much harsher measures. By doing what we did we are saving human life.' ” • The JTA says the IDF has used tear gas, water canons, rubber bullets, and live fire to repel "the tens of thousands of Palestinians who have rushed Gaza’s border with Israel as part of a string of protests called the March of Return. The protesters say they’re opposing Israel’s blockade of the coastal strip, and pushing for Palestinians’ return to their ancestors’ homes within Israel. Israel says the protest is an invasion by Hamas, the militant group that governs Gaza, and that it endangers Israeli lives and communal security....The UN human rights office condemned Israel for Monday’s 'appalling deadly violence.' The European Union’s foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, called on Israel to abide by the 'principle of proportionality in the use of force' and to 'respect the right to peaceful protest.' • Peaceful protest??? Not when soem of the protesters carry bombs, kite-carried molotov cocktails, wire cutters and knives, and provide a shield for Iran-financed Hamas terrorists whose goal is to eradicate Israel. Proportionality??? When does proportionality cease to have meaning??? When a nation's borders are attacked by thousands of terrorist-led protesters whose intention is to invade the country and kill its cittizens. • The JTA quoted an April poll that showed that Israelis agree with their government’s stance -- 83% of Israeli Jews, and 70% of Israelis overall, said the Israeli policy of opening fire on the Gaza border was appropriate, according to a poll by the Israel Democracy Institute. Jewish Israelis have also given near-unanimous support to previous Israeli military actions in Gaza. • Dani Dayan said : “Sinwar sends his people and his children and his women to the border to get killed. Because the situation in Gaza is extremely difficult, Hamas decided, as many dictatorships do, to direct the blame elsewhere.” • Gateway Institute calls it the "dead baby strategy : "Hamas' goal is to have Israel kill as many Gazans as possible so that the headlines always begin, and often end, with the body count. Hamas deliberately sends women and children to the front line, while their own fighters hide behind these human shields. Hamas leaders have long acknowledged this tactic. Fathi Hammad, a Hamas Member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, stated as far back as 2008 : 'For the Palestinian people, death has become an industry, at which women excel, and so do all the people living on this land. The elderly excel at this, and so do the mujahideen and the children. This is why they have formed human shields of the women, the children, the elderly, and the mujahideen, in order to challenge the Zionist bombing machine. It is as if they were saying to the Zionist enemy : 'we desire death like you desire life.' " Gateway Institute cites past Hamas tactics and the media response of blaming Israel : "Hamas used this tactic to provoke two wars with Israel in which their fighters fired rockets from civilian areas, including hospitals, schools and mosques. When Israel responded, it tried its best to avoid civilian casualties, dropping warning leaflets, calling residents of potential targets and dropping non-lethal noise bombs on the roofs of houses that were being used to launch rockets and store explosives. Inevitably, some civilians were killed, and the media blamed Israel for these deaths, despite the precautions it had taken. The same was true when Hamas built terror tunnels used to kidnap Israeli civilians. The entrances to these tunnels were in civilian areas as well, including mosques and schools. Using their own civilians as human shields, while targeting Israeli civilians, is a double war crime. Yet, the media generally focuses on Israel's reaction to these war crimes, rather than Hamas' war crimes. The cruel reality is that every time Israel accidentally kills a Gaza civilian, Israel loses. And every time Israel kills a Gaza civilian, Hamas wins. Israelis grieve every civilian death its army accidentally causes. Hamas benefits from every death Israel accidentally causes. That is why it encourages its women and children to become martyrs. Calling this the 'dead baby strategy' may seem cruel, because it is cruel. But don't blame the messenger for accurately describing this tactic. Blame those who cynically use it. And blame the media for playing into the hands of those who use it by reporting only the body count and not the deliberate Hamas tactic that leads to one-sided body counts." • In another Gateway Institute article, Harvard Law Professor Emeritis Alan Dershowitz wrote on Thursday : "It is true that Gaza is in a desperate situation and that it is wounded. But the wound is self-inflicted. When Israel ended its occupation of the Gaza Strip -- removing every single soldier and settler -- Gaza could have become the Singapore of the Mediterranean. It is a beautiful area with a large seacoast. It received infusions of cash and other help from Europe. Israel left behind agricultural equipment and greenhouses. But instead of using these resources to feed, house and educate its citizens, Hamas built rockets and terror tunnels. It threw dissenters off roofs and murdered members of the Palestinian Authority who were willing to recognize Israel and negotiate with it. Hamas rejects the two-state solution or any solution that leaves Israel intact. Its only solution is violence, and the events at the fence these past days are a manifestation of that violence. Would any country in the world allow 40,000 people, sworn to its destruction, to knock down a border fence and attack its citizens living peacefully near the border? Of course not. Could Israel have done more to reduce casualties among those trying to breach the border fence? I don't know, and neither do the legions of armchair generals that are currently criticizing Israel for the steps it took to prevent a catastrophe among the residents of villages and towns that are proximate to the border fence....Hamas will continue to use the dead baby strategy as long as the media continues to report the deaths in the manner in which it has reported them in recent weeks. Many in the media are complicit in these deaths because their one-sided reporting encourages Hamas to send innocent women and children to the front line." • • • WHAT ANALYSTS SAY. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace analysts Ariel Levite ( expert in nuclear policy) and Jonathan Shimshoni (expert in security studies program at MIT) wrote an article on Tuesday about Hamas and the Palestinians. Levite said : "To really comprehend the unfolding events, and to conceive of more effective and palatable responses, requires going well beyond a discussion of the tragedy and the changing tactics of Hamas in fomenting and channeling this protest, and Israel’s attempts to dissuade the Gazans from the confrontation and respond to its manifestations. Hamas is engaged in a new variant of an old phenomenon: social warfare strategy. Importantly, this has become the most prevalent approach to warfare worldwide, a strategy commonly chosen by all challengers to the United States and its Western allies, from Hezbollah and the so-called Islamic State to Russia and China....Those applying this strategy seek to prevail not through classical military confrontation with their militarily superior Western rivals -- but rather by directly taking on adversarial societies, manipulating international public opinion, and mobilizing their own societies...placing noncombatants on both the physical and psychological fronts. To succeed, they creatively subject to such societal logic the employment of a broad array of weapons -- traditional (such as tanks and missiles) alongside newly weaponized ones. The latter include social networks, demographic transfers, digital currency, legal methods, and human shields (even corpses). Naturally, media coverage and the internet play a critical role in such campaigns. This is playing out right now in Gaza. Militarily inferior, Hamas eschews the traditional goal of military victory....Its core strategy is purposeful provocation of Israel to engage in what the global public deems disproportionate response against noncombatants. In the current round of protests, this is achieved by Hamas cynically enticing desperate Gazans to provoke the IDF along and across the fence. In the larger conflagrations, Hamas has employed a strategy of putting its weaponry and fighters within the civilian population, including in schools, mosques, and hospitals, not to protect them but with the express purpose of having them targeted by Israeli forces to create powerful narratives about IDF cruelty in targeting civilian targets. These events and their attendant images are then widely disseminated through traditional and new media, aimed at Palestinian, Arab, European, US, and even Israeli audiences, in order to engender broad public sympathy for its cause (including within Gaza), to create opprobrium of Israel, to fuel the BDS movement, and to generate internal dissent within the IDF and Israeli society writ large. Thus, unwittingly, in its present policy Israel does much to 'cooperate' with Hamas’s strategy and to enhance its effectiveness." • Shimshoni said : "Given the unwillingness to wage total savage war against a society, as Syrian President Basher al-Assad and his allies have done in Syria and as the Russians practiced in Chechnya, an effective response to this kind of challenge demands a befitting strategy. Such a strategy should be guided by the logic of social impact, but the precise nature and specific mix of measures and the manner of application must be tailored to the unique circumstances of each case. Here is an illustration of what such an approach would suggest for how Israel should contend successfully with Hamas’s social warfare strategy. First, notwithstanding Hamas’s provocations, Israel’s leadership should continue to resist the temptation to respond to the Hamas challenge by launching an aggressive military campaign in Gaza aimed at a short-term military victory. Such a campaign would surely result in operational success and a quick conquest of parts or all of the Gaza Strip. But inevitably, it would exact a huge toll from Gazan noncombatants as well as from the IDF that would pay dearly for operating discriminately in a highly militarized, treacherous, mostly urban environment. Israeli victory in such a campaign would amount to a perfect Pyrrhic debacle because of the political ramifications from the humanitarian toll, playing right into the trap of Hamas’s social warfare strategy. Worse still, it would leave Israel 'owning' the Gaza Strip and its hostile population of some 2 million persons who live in extreme poverty amid crumbling infrastructure. Second, Israel would need to accept a certain 'irreducible minimum' level of violent friction from Gaza for the foreseeable future. Which, in turn, would require it to invest even more in defensive capacity against rockets, mortars, and offensive tunnels from Gaza. Third, in confronting Hamas-incited human waves threatening to topple the security fence separating Gaza from Israel, the IDF should rely predominantly on an arsenal of non- and less-than-lethal weapons. While the use of such weapons is typically legally contentious (hence their employment to date has been relatively modest in scope and efficacy), they nonetheless constitute a proportionate response to the threat faced here and are certainly infinitely preferable to deadly firearms. The latter should be reserved for targeted Hamas warriors and otherwise remain an absolute last resort. Fourth, in parallel with these coercive tools, Israel should engage in creative social warfare tactics of its own. It needs to enhance its application of the tools and art of media- and internet-based psychological and cognitive impact on Gazan society. Most importantly, it must deploy and leverage outright positive measures. The IDF and its civilian counterparts should redouble their current efforts to transform the Gaza Strip into a more hospitable living environment. Ironically, the key element is to mobilize the international community for a concerted endeavor, not just to raise the required funds and to effectively channel them but also to pressure Hamas to surrender its resistance to a massive development effort, resistance that emanates from its anxiety about losing command of the population by depleting the strategic reservoir of desperation and hatred toward Israel. Finally, Israeli leadership would be well advised to intensify its exploration of political accommodation options with Hamas that could at least reduce the flames while simultaneously actively seeking buy-in from its own population for all contours of a dual strategy geared toward both conflict and coexistence. Public understanding for the rationale, goals, means, and time frame guiding this complex strategy is indispensable for gaining political elbow room to carry it out while also harmonizing the civil-military relations necessary to implement it effectively." • We could buy into such a complex strategy -- if the Palestinian Authority based in Ramallah could be convinced to join in, even surrepticiously, as a means of destroying Hamas, which is its nemesis, too. But, while Mahmoud Abbas remains president of the PA, he cannot be trusted to do anything that will make peace more possible between the Palestinians and Israel. Is there a PA leader in the younger generation who could wear this mantle? Who knows. • • • GAZA TEETERING ON THE BRINK. That's how Israel Hayom put it on Tuesday, saying : "To deter Hamas, Israel on Monday warned the group's leadership in Gaza that the IDF will escalate its response if demonstrations intensify Tuesday. The fact that Israeli warplanes attacked Hamas targets in Gaza for the first time since Operation Protective Edge in 2014 wasn't a coincidence either; it was a signal that Israel won't remain idle if Hamas abandons its self-restraint. And still, the primary concern in Israel isn't Tuesday's riots, but what happens after. Hamas has invested considerable energy in this week's demonstrations. Even if the number of protesters is smaller than it expected, the high casualty figures create internal pressure in Gaza, compounded by the already existing frustrations over the dire economic situation. Hamas lacks the tools to deal with these problems and it doesn't have solutions. Consequently, the only possible recourse from its perspective could be to escalate hostilities with Israel, which would galvanize the population in Gaza behind it and perhaps provide it a modicum of support from the Arab world and international community. Israel is cognizant of these calculations and has prepared for developments beyond Tuesday's violence. It's difficult, however, to shake the general feeling that Gaza is on the brink of erupting, or worse : an eruption accompanied by the collapse of all civilian mechanisms in the Strip. This situation isn't transparent to an Israeli public currently focused on celebrating the latest success against Iran in Syria, the relocation of the US Embassy to Jerusalem and winning the Eurovision song contest. Decision makers in Jerusalem and IDF headquarters in Tel Aviv, however, are very worried and have implemented a series of measures to prepare for the worst, including in the very near future. Yet Israel must ask itself whether there are other avenues for preventing this escalation. The policy of using force along the fence is correct -- we cannot allow throngs of Palestinians to infiltrate Israel, not only because of the immediate danger it poses but because of the dangerous precedent it would set. Even the scope of casualties is mainly the result of Hamas pushing the demonstrators toward the fence. Ultimately, though, these are tactical matters. On the strategic level, Israel needs a coherent Gaza policy rather than being dragged back there due to events on the ground." • Could Israel Hayom buy into the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace apporach of non-lethal force combined with Israel leading a fullscale international effort to save Gaza economically and societally? In another article on Tuesday, Israel Hayom quoted Israeli Minister Yoav Gallant calling Hamas the "angel of death" to Gaza's population, addressing the current humanitarian crisis in Gaza, where water and electricity are in short supply, and arguing that "improving humanitarian conditions would serve Israel's security interests." Gallant said Tuesday that the lives of Hamas military leader Yahya Sinwar and other Hamas strongmen would be in danger if "Hamas continues to make mistakes. The Hamas organization is facing a mounting crisis," Gallant, the construction and housing minister, said at a Tel Aviv defense conference. "The paths of terror are becoming increasingly blocked and there is great difficulty in executing terrorist attacks." Referring to a network of attack tunnels dug by Hamas under the Gaza border, which the Israeli military has been systematically destroying, Gallant noted that "the tunnels are closing one by one."He continued : "Hamas has taken 2 million people hostage." Israel Hayom asks inthe article whether "Gallant's threatening remarks may be indicative of deliberations within the cabinet over potentially restoring Israel's policy of targeted assassinations." Gallant also noted that : "Israel now has an opportunity to root Iran out of Syria. It could take a month, or it could take a year, but a window of opportunity has opened and we will take advantage of it and push Iran back for many years to come....we will not permit another front on the Golan Heights. We won't allow Iran to establish a military presence in Syria and we won't allow anyone to turn Syria into a military base with game-changing weapons." • In its Tuesday article, Israle Hayom also quoted Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan, who echoed Gallant's threats, urging the Israeli government to reinstate targeted assassinations against Hamas operatives, asserting that doing so would be a "partial solution to the situation in Gaza. It's time for Hamas leaders to pay a personal price for organizing these terrorist activities. The heads of Hamas, Yahya Sinwar and others, who have declared that they are willing to die by the security fence, by all means, go right ahead....They need to go back to hiding underground and being afraid for their lives. They can't be going around organizing the masses and mobilizing terrorists." • What makes Hamas and Gaza the attacking enemy of Israel was pointed out to LifeZette by Ari Fleischer, President G. W. Bush's press secretary : " No violence in the West Bank. No violence in Jordan. No protests in the Arab Street. Only Hamas. Only a terrorist group that urged its militants to attack Israel. Terrorists who refuse to recognize Israel’s right to exist..." Think about it and then consider how the western media has treated Israel as the aggressor and Hamas as the "peaceful" protestor. • • • AL-MONITOR -- THE PULSE OF THE MIDDLE EAST. Al-Monitor is a media site launched in 2012 by the Arab American entrepreneur Jamal Daniel and based in Washington, DC. Al-Monitor provides reporting and analysis from and about the Middle East through both original and translated content, something the US mainstream often cannot do. • Al-Monitor's Ben Caspit asked on Tuesday, "What's next in Israel-Palestinian conflict? With Israel riding high after a series of political and military victories, and the Palestinians having suffered 60 deaths on the Gaza border at the hands of the IDF, observers wonder what's next for the leaderships on both sides....Netanyahu has to take some strategic decisions, says Al-Monitor : "Netanyahu could have envisioned two sorts of moves concerning Gaza. He could have encouraged the Palestinian Authority to come down from its tree and grasp the reins of civil administration in Gaza, or, alternately, he could have championed indirect negotiations with Hamas over a long-term cease-fire. Given the current state of affairs, however, it is difficult to imagine Netanyahu leading any sort of meaningful reconciliation-process vis-a-vis Hamas, which over the last few months had dispatched several proposals in this vein in Israel’s direction but did not receive an answer. Before agreeing to any kind of negotiations, Israel is demanding that Hamas return the bodies of two Israeli soldiers, Hadar Goldin and Oron Shaul, and release three Israel civilians it is holding in Gaza. This is where the two sides are stuck. Will the eruption of the border-fence violence and high number of casualties on the Palestinian side help both sides free themselves from their shared cul-de-sac? The answer will come in the following weeks. Probably not." • • • HAMAS -- IRAN'S PROXY -- AND JOHN KERRY. While former Secretary of State John Kerry has been quietly meeting with world diplomats in a lobbying effort to save the Iran nuclear deal -- he has met in person with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, and spoken on the phone with top EU official Federica Mogherini, according to the Boston Globe -- Iran's proxy Hamas is maltreating 2 million Gazans and trying to bring down Israel using Gazans as human shields. Is John Kerry being excoriated in the western media? Is Kerry being labeled complicit in the terrorist attacks perpetuated by Hamas on its own Gazans and on Israel. Not at all. But, after the news broke last week, Representative Devin Nunes, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, called on federal law enforcement to arrest John Kerry for his treasonous acts. Several leading officials have called on the Sessions DOJ to prosecute John Kerry for violations against the Logan Act. And what about Kerry registering as the agent of a foreign state? John Kerry is obviously not worried about these threats. Last Saturday, Kerry was seen dining at a very expensive hotel in Paris with several Iranian regime officials, including Kamal Kharazi, a top Iranian official since the 1979 revolution that took down the Shah. Kamal Kharazi also was Iran's Minister of Foreign Affairs from August, 1997, to August, 2005, appointed by then Iranian president Mohammad Khatami. • And, now the Gateway Pundit reports that : "Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hossein Jaberi Ansari, who is Foreign Minister Javad Zarif's senior advisor, warned Western officials this week that if they do not put pressure on the Trump administration the Iranian regime will leak the names of all Western officials who were bribed to pass the weak deal. Ansari tweeted : “If Europeans stop trading with Iran and don’t put pressure on US then we will reveal which western politicians and how much money they had received during nuclear negotiations to make #IranDeal happen.” • The Gateway Pundit quoted Daniel Greenfield at report in 2015 on the Democrat Senators who took money from the Iran US lobby before their vote to support the deal -- Senator Ed Markey, disgraced Senator Al Franken, Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand -- all Democrats from very ProgDem states. The Iran Lobby’s Hassan Nemazee -- a multimillionaire Iranian-American investment banker and convicted felon who pleaded guilty to a $292 million bank fraud -- was Hillary’s national campaign finance director who had raised a fortune for her, Obama, and Kerry before pleading guilty. Bill Clinton had nominated Hassan Nemazee as US ambassador to Argentina when he had only been a citizen for two years. Is there Iranian money in the Clinton bank accounts? We don't know. Did Hillary take Iranian bribes before the Iran deal? We don't know. • • • DEAR READERS, what we do know is that Iran's Foreign Minister Zarif just released a letter that is the Iranian government's statement about the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal : "Other parties to the JCPOA, and especially its three European signatories, must take necessary action to safeguard the accord and to implement their commitments -- which they proved incapable of fully performing even while the US was nominally a party to the deal, due to the obstruction of the Trump Administration -- and to proceed from giving pledges to taking practical action without any preconditions." • That sounds like the marching order from Iran to its Democrat and European minions whose political careers could be ruined if Iran made public their taking bribes before the Iran deal vote. • Why is John Kerry traveling the world meeting with foreign heads of state, including some who are enemies of the US? Is Iran muscling Kerry because he took bribes related to the Iran nuclear deal? We don't know. • But, we do knwo that to talk about Hamas and the threat it poses to Israel without acknowledging that Iran is paying Hamas to do its dirty work to bring down Israel is to miss the whole point. Hamas is not a bunch of ragtag terrorists who want to harass Israel. Hamas is the prozy of Iran -- trained, equipped and paid to destroy Israel. If John Kerry has been paid -- or bribed -- to help Iran in its nefarious nuclear weapons ambitions, he is at the same time putting a nuclear warhead around Israel's neck. That is not "collusion." It is criminal, perhaps treasonous, "conspiracy." And it reaches into the camps where destitute Gazans are held hostage to Iran's evil plan to "eradicate" Israel using Hamas. • We have to ask once more -- where is Attorney General Jeff Sessions...???

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  1. As a once admirer of Jeff Sessions I have been enlightened to his lack of ability to function at a pay grade above that of a U.S. Senator. Jeff Sessions has single handily brought the Trump Presidency to near screeching halt.

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    For Trump to expect to get legal advice and action from a Sessions DOJ is like a chicken asking Col. Sanders for help.